Creativity is quite a unique gift that is given to everyone. In order for a person to be creative, he or she just need to experience anything that is around him, processing his feelings and thoughts and presenting them to the rest of the world in a very unique way. Creativity can be termed as an act of processing and bringing a new thing into being. However, that does not mean that the new thing has to be an original idea that no one had ever had it before. It only has to be a thing that you as an individual have never thought of before. The author says that it is a gift to ‘everyone’ thus creativity applies to us all.

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The experiment suggestion encourages us to try doing something that is completely new. Coming up with new and great ways of studying a different medium than the one you are used to; takes us to the real creativity. The author urges us to try non-fiction, if we have been writing fiction. In a similar way, the author has made me understand that I should at times change what I have been doing for quite sometime. For instance, if I have been reading business newspapers and memos during the whole day, I should try to look for a magazine that is totally different from that field.

 The get organized suggestion encourages us to be organized. When we are faced with multiple tasks at the same time, we should come down, sit and then systematically make a list of the things and goals that need to be accomplished. A list of what should be done for the day or week should be perfectly complied. Organizing my time has been blocking me a lot towards achieving my goals. From the authors tips of organizing thought, time and space I am sure that I will get more time of being creative. She urges us to put order in the madness and get our lives organized. That will perfectly put our world in order and free our spirits, our souls and our bodys to create. 

The listen to music suggestion takes us to another world of appealing our emotion. If one becomes frustrated or even depressed, music is the only thing that can improve ones state of mind and improve him or her state of mind and direct a movement towards a positive movement place where you can start fresh and relaxed. From the research that has been done, use of music that one likes brings an effective way to consciously ones mood, body and mind. Personally, I bet to systematically use the music I like most to find out how the creative ideas are going to flow in my mind. I have never tried it before, so I am going to know whether the internal rhythm of the compositions mirror the alpha waves of my brain which are associated with the creative thought. It’s my believe and also my wish that music is going to open up a fresh area of creativity for me.

Making an appointment with the nature also increases creativity. This can be achieved by jogging on a nature trail, hiking in a national park or even strolling through my neighborhood, fresh air and animals revives one’s fresh air. I have had quite a great challenge in managing my free time but I have now learnt clearly that even simple things like watching an ant gather his food, a deer grave in an open field or crowds drift around a crystal blue sky can make me learn a lot.

The set aside time to be alone and think suggestion makes us to become our own think tank. One should give him or herself a week or even an hour of doing nothing other than pondering and brainstorming new ideas and new concepts. I have always found it a great challenge to sacrifice my working time to brainstorm but since I have learnt how important it can be, I will always spare three hours a week to brainstorm as I put down the ideas. 


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