Sushanth Kodela took admission in a post graduate course. The environment was extremely competitive in the college. He took studies extremely casually and indulged more in social and sports activities. Before he could rectify his casual attitude he realized that he was too late and he could not clear his first year and became a repeater.

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However, he was a very optimistic person who believed that the best way to deal with failure and dejection was to continuously avoid negative thoughts. He kept in mind that he must focus on his studies. Not only did he lead various teams in extracurricular activities but he also fared well in his studies and ended college with the highest package on campus.

From a social-cognitive perspective, he believed he could do everything in equal measure as everyone else which made him socialize and not hide in a shell due to past failures. He was social, amicable and eventually adored by everyone. His positivity was applauded and he was welcomed by everyone in college as a result of reciprocal determination.

From a human perspective, he believed that his destiny was in his own hands. He believed that he could make or break himself depending solely on what he thought. He kept thinking positive about himself. He was the winning captain in cricket and grossed the highest package. His mind was filled with the excellent upbringing and staying alive attitude derived from his parents. Both, socialistic and humanistic perspective fit equally well in his case. His unconscious mind did not let him become negative and this led him to continue to harp on positive relations and improving on mistakes.

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