Abortion is the intentional, often forceful, termination of a pregnancy anytime after conceiving, by removal of the embryo or resolving of the embryo. The process allows women to terminate the pregnancies they consider untimely or those that have potential risk to their health. However, it involves the killing of the developing embryo or fetus, an aspect that has made the process of abortion a politically controversial subject all over the world.

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Those who advocated for the reform of the laws that outlawed abortion used arguments that persuaded people that abortion would be beneficial to women in particular and society as a whole. They argued that it would free for the women from the bondage of childbearing and, instead, empower them to achieve an equal place with men in the workplace. This would be beneficial to the society in terms of productivity that would be increased with the involvement of women in work.

What still is a subject of vicious debate, however, is the legality of the process of abortion. The majority of nations around the world had initially put restrictive laws to prevent the act of abortion. However, persuasions from political quarters have caused many of them to relax their laws on abortion. Proponents of this procedure have argued that the terminated embryo is not yet a person and, therefore, this process cannot be termed as murder. Its opponents, on the other hand, argue that the embryo is a person right from when it is conceived and, therefore, terminating it is an act of murder. I am fascinated by the argument that has engulfed such an unethical procedure, merely because of the political interest of a few. In this research proposal, therefore, I am going to reaffirm the illegality of abortion and show why people should not support it.     

Research Question

The subject of abortion has been around since the process was discovered. Pundits have since tried to justify or oppose the process causing unending debates. The most important of these debates, however, is whether abortion can be judged as legal considering the ethical and economic implications it has in a society. This debate gives rise to the question that will guide this research: Is abortion legal, basing on the ethical and economical implications it has in the society?


Null hypothesis (Ho) will state that abortion imparts economical gains in a society without provoking ethical implication; while the Alternative hypothesis (HA) will state that abortion is unethical and, therefore, not beneficial to the society economically.

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