The author is trying to convey that there is a shortage of stem cells for research. The president claimed that there will be enough funding available for stem cell research, but in fact, there is not. He misleads medical researchers and scientists as there are a limited number of stem cells available for funding and research. Medical researchers and scientists are in need of stem cells for research and treatments for diseases. It is apparent to the public that there is not enough funding available for their research, and even worse, the stem cells that are available lack sufficient genetic diversity. Therefore, they cannot figure out how effective their research would be on these stem cells. The stem cells available were not really effective because the ones on the approved list were mixed with other cells, so researches cannot find an effective treatment using mixed cells. The administration assures researchers, but the fact is evident that they are being led away from ever researching stem cells that would help find the cure for different diseases. The researchers and scientists have been betrayed by their government and administration.

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The president and his administration tries to assure abortion opponents that they will not continue to use embryos in stem cell research as they are ultimately destroyed after the use of research. The president and his administration show pride in maintaining the proper use of embryos. They demonstrated strong ethics in their course of action. They deserved to be applauded for advocating on behalf of abortion opponents. This is the one thing that is true in the tight limit of stem cell research; they realized the bad affect of stem cell research on human embryos and rectified the problem. Restricted federal support was put into play as a means of limiting stem cell research.

The president and his administration talked like they wanted to support the researchers, but they in turn knew that it was not a reality for anyone. They tried their best to deny the fact until it became public. After it became public, they still found a way to cover up this treachery by implying that it was a growing process. I think that such deception should not have been portrayed by the president and his administration. They should do everything to support the researchers and scientists, who are trying to find different treatments for diseases. There is no humility in such behavior displayed by the president and his administration. The president and administration appeared inadequate to handle such a situation, which is embarrassing and uncalled for. It definitely was not the right time to inform researchers of a shortage of stem cells that were needed. They did not have to be informed in this way. They should have been notified of the shortage from the beginning, and then they would have been able to work towards a goal of providing the necessary stem cells for the research.

This was a childish performance by the president. It appears as if he does not take their matters into consideration, which is a poor work ethics to display in the public eye. He could have handled this situation a lot better; therefore, the researchers have the right to complain. He placed a limit on stem cell funding and is comfortable with his decision. But he does not realize that he is acting unethical. The researchers need to plan a course of action and, probably, start a fundraiser of their own to find solutions and obtain stem cells for their research. That is the step I would have taken as a researcher. Then again, there is a concern for human embryos being used for research. There is also information that supports the claim of unwanted embryos through in-vitro-fertilization. This is the one solid point that has been supported throughout the article. The president had no intentions of speeding up the process for research. He failed in his responsibility of taking care and showing interest in his people. As the president, he has the authority to make things happen, but he just proved to fellow citizens that his matters come first and everything else can come after, which is selfish on his part.

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