Everyone has probably seen twins and wondered how similar they are. The issue weather twins have everything in common has been heavily researched over the years. It helped to gather some valuable information and interesting facts about twins. Therefore, the main aim of this paper is to write a summary and a personal reaction to the article on the topic. 

Summary of the Article

The article “A thing or two about twins” analyzes if having the same DNA makes twins absolutely identical. It starts with describing the experiment aimed for checking if modern face-recognition software can tell twins apart. The analysis of the pictures taken with high-resolution cameras, fingerprints, and the scans of their irises proved that there is a way of telling twins apart, although some simple factors like different lighting, facial expressions, and other can cause false results.

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Another interesting aspect is weather twins have different personalities, behavior, and resistance to disease. It was proved that despite sharing the same genetic code, twins have some differences between them. The experts explain it with the influence of environmental factors.

“Nature and nurture” was one of the first studies explaining the importance of people’s heredity. A number of tests and analysis over many couples of twins showed that the results were not affected by twins growing up separately. This idea is confirmed by many pairs of twins, one of them being Asian twins adopted by different parents. The comparison showed that the girls’ lives, including the day they made their first steps and the illnesses they had, were identical.  

The multiple researches conducted to learn more about twins can also provide useful results for understanding if genetics is relevant to other conditions as alcoholism, heart disease, schizophrenia, etc. It allowed scientists us to get a clearer picture about what people get after birth and what is the result of their experience.

Personal Reaction to the Article

Reading the article made me realize that the invisible connection between twins can be very strong even if they do not grow in the same families and have different conditions of upbringing. The stories about twins growing apart and being so similar deeply fascinated me. The reason why they choose the same paths in their lives lies deep inside their genetics and is not modified by the environment they grow in. Genetics is the most powerful force which influences our skills, abilities, intelligence level, personalities, and character traits.

I always wondered, just like many other people, if twins feel and think the same things as each other. The information in this article made me understand that they can be quite different, although there is a tight thread which always keeps them connected and similar. However, it is still difficult to comprehend why some twins have very different traits as it was shown on the example of two twin brothers Sam and John.

Moreover, the article made me think about how difficult it must be to have a twin who would always be like a living copy of you. He or she would have the same appearance, sometimes the same likes and dislikes, clothes style, etc. People would be confusing two of you, which would take something away from your personality because you would almost have to share it with someone else.


Thus, the author of the article brings up an exciting topic aimed for learning more about twins. The researchers managed to obtain impressive results after studying and getting to know thousands of twins. The outcomes of the findings, which were presented in the article, help to understand the topic in depth by providing valuable explanations and examples from the real life.

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