When faced with a choice, utilitarianism expects one to first consider the possible outcome of potential action, and from that, make a decision of doing what one believes will generate the most pleasure. While pro-life have their reservation for abortion, this action should be legal if the pregnancy results from rape or incest or if the health of the pregnant mother is at risk. It should be understood that any woman who is impregnated either during incest or rape is definitely a victim of a morally reprehensible and horribly violent crime. After such tragic incidences, the happiness of the victim, which is lauded by utilitarianism, can only be assured if she undergoes an abortion. The same applies to a pregnant woman whose life is at stake because of the pregnancy.

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A victim of rape or incest should never be compelled to carry the unwanted pregnancy to term because the fetus in her womb would always serve as a vivid reminder of what happened to her (Beckwith 64). A utilitarian would hold that a planned pregnancy is good because it is aimed at maximizing the overall happiness of the mother. On the contrary, an unwanted pregnancy would only increase the mental anguish of the affected woman. As a utilitarian would argue, there is no problem in aborting the fetus because the life of the raped woman is of greater importance than that of the unborn baby. Additionally, the unborn baby is an aggressor against the woman’s happiness and personal life. Therefore, it is morally defensible for any woman to do away with the pregnancy if that action would make her happy and pleased in the long run.

Assuming that a woman has decided to get pregnant so that she can start a family of her own, it is apparent that having a family will fill the woman with immense pleasure and happiness. However, there is no need of starting a family when you are sure that you would not be there to see this family, considering that you die as a due to pregnancy related complications.

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