Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States of America. He is remembered to be among the leaders who shaped the economy of United States. He managed to solve the civil war and ensured that American had something to gain from the unrest. Lincoln was born in 1809 in Kentucky. He was brought up in a poor background whereby he was not accessed to education. He managed to own three farms through carpentry, a skill he practiced from childhood. In 1816, he left his mother, brother and sister and moved too Indiana as a slave. He later moved to Illinois where he tried a couple of jobs before he become a legislator.

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Having been brought up in Kentucky, Lincoln experienced challenges faced by the poor and immigrants. This was seen in his leadership whereby he tried to contain immigrants in United States and discourages racism. As a result, the availability of labor has led to massive immigrants from all over the world.  They come into the states in search of better and favorable working conditions and opportunities than in their homes.  This has led to the United States being labeled as the country with the highest rates of migration in the world. However, despite all this, a report done on the American economy known as, the Global Competitiveness Report showed that the Unites States was ranked fourth in the world market. This was however, due to the economic crisis that had engulfed the States at the time (Steers, 2007).

Kentucky used to be a small town with people of marginalized communities. Lincoln acquired his leadership quality in this small town. His need to support and improve the lifestyle of his people influenced him to engage himself in politics. The success of the Unites states resulted from the existence of European settlers in the American territory.  This was in the 16th- 18th century.  The American colonies evolved from having marginally small economies to being independent farming economies.  This was in 1776, thus the United States of America was born.  Over the next one hundred and eighty years (180) years that followed, the American economy grew and became a massive, integrated and an  industrialized economy that up to date, makes up almost 25% of the whole worlds economy.

Lincoln broke the stereotype and myth that poor and uneducated can become a successful leader. A social class simply describes the manner in which members of a given society have sorted themselves based on their similarities.  These similarities may be in the form of influence, prestige, and positions one holds in society.  The higher the social class one belongs to, the more the level of education, skill and experience one requires to maintain it.  The social life in the United States is determined by the income an individual has, level of education and positions held among other factors.  This determines the social class of an individual.  The three classes in the American society consist of the rich, the middle class and the poor.  However, various academics refer to America as a classless society.  This is due to the fact that the American society is not only sociologically but also economically fragmented.  This makes it difficult to make clear distinctions of the classes.  However, class or no class, everyone is an American and irrespective of where they come from, the people should live in peace and harmony together.

The United States also has large man power as a result of the high wages it offers its workers.  All these factors and many others have contributed into molding the United States intro a world power as far as the economy is concerned.  However, this would not be possible were it not for the good leadership that the United States has had over the years.

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