Writing in general is a complex process, which requires a variety of talents and skills, including the ability for narration, critical thinking and analysis, and a sense of the structure. Especially it concerns the writing for high standard academic English. Each style has its own requirements for success. In English language, they are very specific in variation of different writing styles, such as narrative, expository, descriptive, or persuasive writing. Despite the requirements, each person still adds something personal. Therefore, a successfully written paper would have a mixture of thoroughly thought through ideas, formed into a grammatically, structurally, and contextually excellent piece of work with an in-depth understanding of writing as a process of verbalizing personal style. In addition, a good work has to provide enough statements and critical ideas based on thorough research using reliable sources and ideas. For this, one has to go through a detailed preparatory process, which requires the person clearly identify the topic, theme, and style of the work in order to generate ideas and literary works. Graduate level writing would depend upon the skills one had acquired by learning the styles and practice while performing in them. In such a way, according to the study by McCarthy, P. M., Lewis, G. A., Dufty, D. F. & McNamara, D. S., the level of literary pieces is dependable: “various authorial style markers may shift significantly throughout the career of an author” (768). The actual writing consumes the least time for a person if went through in-depth preparations, since it requires only focusing on the sentence structure and the carcass of the paper with introduction, body, and conclusion, each having a clear thesis statement. One can produce a work of a good quality if follows by revision and peer-review. The changes may be touching the flow of the narration, quality of the research and content, and structure of the paper.

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The level of academic writing depends on various aspects

According to the University of Toronto, “to meet the expectations of university writing, you will need to unlearn some of the rules you learned in high school. Those rules may have helped you to plan and write your essays by providing a ready-made structure you could fit your ideas into” (2012).

First, the narrative flow is extremely important. Second, the success of the written work depends on a meaningful and interesting content, implying the usage of finely selected topic using research instruments, critically evaluating it and synthesizing into an argument. The arguments should go together with the structure of the paper in order to be clear and support the thesis of the topic, which is restated in each paragraph and proved through the paper. Third, the writer should take into consideration the organization of the structure to make the text more coherent and the perception more cohesive for the reader (Univesity of Toronto). Such can be only obtained by defining and following a well-organized structure of the text, including mainly thesis and conclusive sentences in each part of the essay, such as In addition to main factors, there are also secondary ones, which impact on the quality of the performance of the writer and the perception of his work by the audience. Poor vocabulary undeniably loses the reader in questioning of the reliability of the text and leaving the main undiscovered. A successful writer also should consider the geographical factors, level of education, expertise, even, sometimes, gender or various affiliations of his audience. Of course, the accuracy of the work, including minor mistakes, mistyping, unclear information, correct punctuation, etc., plays an important role in overall understanding and visualization of the work. The image of the author depends severely on the load of information he gives in an ideal and proof-read manner.

Nonetheless, the successful outcome of the graduate writing also depends on recuperating personal weaknesses and transforming them into strengths trying to balance time for good writing with other life responsabilities. As for me, it was hard to organize well my work and find the time for the actual process of writing. Unfortunately, I find it hard to write when I don’t have the inspiration. Therefore, most of the time I put other responsabilities on the first place and write at night, when it is peaceful enough and I am most productive. Also, learning how to write a clear thesis sentence for each paragraph in order to summarize the main idea gave a boost for development of my organizational skills. Also, performing research and reading in the field was of a great help in expressing the ideas more clearly and in a more fascinating manner. The correct word choice and register is an important factor for creating the atmosphere of intelligence, expertise, and assurance of the credibility of the material.

In conclusion, the success of academic style writing depends on the hardcore practice of well-shaped and organized structure of the text, appropriate and correct word choice, research based finely selected content material, and constant development and performance in personal style. Proved by the results of the researchers “a textual feature to be both static enough to distinguish one author’s works from another’s” (McCarthy, P. M., Lewis, G. A., Dufty, D. F. & McNamara, D. S.). Throughout the progress writer acquires new skills and develops high level of academic discourse, gains variety and precision. Practice helps to create a more cohesive and coherent content going in a more homogenous flow, work gets more illustrative and informational. In addition to the elements of a successful writer, one has to add also personal ideas, impulses, and creativity. Often, the reading of a literary work may be pursued only when the author felt through the psychological drives of the audience to read the text.

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