In the recent past there has been a considerable debate as to whether the four years in universities are worthy or not. This issue has led to many shying off from joining universities for higher learning. Notably, university education is extremely essential basing on various issues and more significantly for the growth of the third world countries. What many people doubt is whether the four year degree program is worth investing in or not. There is a fear that after four years in the university, one may still lack a job opportunity. Four years in the University are worth due to the knowledge one acquires as that is the base of development and power to white collar. In order to make the advantages clear, several points are discussed below.

The advantages of four years in university 

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Firstly, four years in the university lead to power in white collar and job competition. Currently, education is the key to life. As many job opportunities emerge, various issues should also be factored before a person settles for a job opportunity. There is no office currently that will employ an illiterate person. Considering this, to qualify for an interview a person requires certificates and of course from a higher learning institution due to high competition. A person who possesses a degree from a university will be given priority on a job before the person who holding a two year diploma from a college (Farr, 114). It is believed that a university degree holder will be more competitive and give out the best output at the work place because he/she has spent more years in school and gained more knowledge. This clearly points out to one of the many advantages associated with four years in university, which is the power to white collar jobs.

Secondly, remuneration for degree graduates is attractive. Remuneration is the income or salary of an employee. After getting a four year education at the university, one has the power to compete and get a higher salary compared to other employees who have not acquired a university degree. The four years are just but a better investment for any person. Obliviously, at a work place, a person with the highest qualification will be granted a better position. Arguably, a greater position calls for a better payment (Burland, 78). For instance, a work place that has several college graduates with only one university graduate. The degree holder will obliviously be given the highest office of the organization and others will be subordinates. In any organization it is the highest office holder like manager who gets a higher salary than the subordinates.  Having learnt all this it is clear that four years in the university are not a waste but a substantial investment for any person.

Lastly, the four years in the university are considered as an advantage because of the power to social enrichment and networking. The more time person spends at a particular place the more friends he/she makes. The advantage may be clearer if the four years at the university are compared with two years at the college. Social enrichment usually helps a person after studies. Having gained many friends or workmates during a person’s schooling days, one stands a better opportunity to get information of what may be going on currently like job applications (MyUFace. Inc, 7). Four years in the university are advantageous considering this.


It is abundantly clear that the four years in the university are not a waste but rather a gain. At first, one has the competitiveness in seeking job opportunities and stands the position to get employment compared to college graduates. In addition, a person is more marketable to get employment and this means that he/she stands a better chance of getting the best income. Social enrichment and networking provides another advantage for the four years in the university. Arguably, a person establishes more contacts that might be beneficial during job hunting.

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