Advertisements and promotional ventures carry with them huge weights of responsibility and every company must consider their implications amongst a host of other factors before implementation. The social media for that matter has the outward look of a reliable medium that boasts of several advantages but hidden consequences must be considered to avoid points of conflict as observed in Molson’s. Owing to its efficiency, reliability and a wide scope of targets amongst other advantages when planning on using social media one must consider their line of business, the target group and the possible outcome of the application both positively and negatively. Therefore, the social media being used for promotional purposes for an alcoholic drink is certainly a complex option particularly where the youth are involved.

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Like Molson, every company observes the cultural codes as shaped by the surrounding community with ultimate caution. Having maintained a cordial relationship in terms of supporting responsible drinking, it took the wide and complicated social media to tarnish the company’s long lived image. With little experience in the field, Molson was definitely bound to fail in their competitions that involved posting of partying pictures on facebook by college students aged between19 and 24. It is arguably true that the competition would encourage irresponsible drinking and behaviors that characterized the fuss that ensued among students and teachers of participating universities.

After pulling the competition from facebook, the company must embark on restoring the quality of its image and at the same time utilize social media options for future success. They must first emphasize on painting the supposed outcome of the competition as an opposite of the perceptions it received in the course of its failures. In this, they will hold experimental drills for a considerable amount of time in order to avoid unforeseen consequences. Development of censored membership for a reasonable age of subscribers can be instrumental in checking the private lives of participants and propelling the company’s profits as well. Experiments using other insensitive products can also prove efficient in determining future decisions on the lucrative medium. They can also use social media to run a survey on the intended targets about how they may view such promotional tactics.

This would restore the company’s image, avoid future mistakes and gain important data that would elevate the company, from the horse’s mouth. Opinions from the target would provide them with crucial options in the ever changing social media. In conclusion, the social media has one of the best combinations of opportunities for any business but requires a sober approach.

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