Nowadays, the U.S.A. is known to be a state where advertising is one of the most inevitable parts of almost any business, and, according to Business Week, Americans receive about 3,000 commercial messages a day. It is evident that the main function of all advertisements comprises the help of advertising agencies as well as the company’s staff responsible for ads to provide products or services in the specific segment of the business sphere; advertising of the issues of a particular company is called branding.


The branding

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As a rule, branding is a result of a successful advertising campaign, which usually includes selective demand ads, the process of positioning, trade characters and viral advertising; by means of these funny and appealing messages, customers not only want to make a purchase but also send them to others. Making a profound analysis of branding, it is evident that it has both positive and negative impact. In accordance with Kotler, Pfoertsch and Michi, it is easier for customers to gather all necessary data concerning the product or the service. Risk reduction is one more significant element of the market as choosing a famous brand, the risk of making a wrong purchase decision is reduced in several times. Finally, “for customers, value added/image benefit creation usually lies in the self- expressive value that brands can provide them” (Kotler, Pfoertsch, Michi, 2006). On the other hand, the fact that a brand is becoming more prominent than a product has also some disadvantages. For instance, foes of advertising and branding in particularly admit that it makes citizens buy things that they otherwise would not. For instance, flashy ads become a reason for people buying new brand cars almost every year as it is prestigious. Although, in this case, branding can help to overcome a problem of a fragile self-esteem, “advertising persuades us to evaluate others not by who they are, but by what they possess. Material objects are portrayed as desirable goals” (Dominick, 2011). Branding has an especially strong impact on kids. For example, an abundance of American children can identify the McDonald’s brand as the majority of them prefer food wrapped in a McDonald’s wrapper rather than the same food not wrapped in it. This is the reason why it is obvious that some products should and some of them should not be branded. It is of common knowledge that contemporary advertising industry is so influential that almost every product or service can be branded, but in any case, children are quite vulnerable to the persuasive and flashy ads. This is the reason why cigarettes and alcohol should not be branded or some restrictions must be made in order to prevent kids from being influenced by such ads. Moreover, taking into account that they have a considerable impact on people of all ages, it is evident that drugs, illegal ways of treatment and some gambling games should not be branded as they can damage the psychological and physical state of a person, whereas such harm should never become a fashion trend. Ads which are offensive or those which can be interpreted in a wrong way must be forbidden to appear in the state as well.

Taking into consideration all other aspects of branding, it is necessary to admit that advertisers should have the same first amendment rights as politicians since advertising has a lot of benefits not only for producers but also for customers. For instance, by means of flashy advertising techniques, citizens get all necessary information concerning each product or services, whereas those producers who are new on the market can make their products become a brand. The first amendment rights help numerous organizations to claim themselves in all necessary ways; virtually, they comprise newspapers, magazines, television, billboards, the Internet, and even cell phones.

In conclusion, it is significant to notify that advertising is a key part of the overall marketing plan of the majority of companies which provides its products or services; each successful advertising campaign can create a new brand which occupies its own place on the market. In most cases, ads influence the public opinion, and being a part of a plan of any competitive members of the market, they play an integral role in the total income of any organization. 

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