Photojournalism is the art of reporting news through photographs. Brian Horton, a seasoned photographer, alongside eight other recognized and experienced photojournalists, published a book with advices in order to help novice photographers improve their skills and learn what photojournalism is truly about. This being said, David Longstreath is convinced that in order to be successful, a photojournalist must have passion and desire. J. Pat Carter builds on Longstreath’s advice, stating that a good photojournalist must convey his/her knowledge and experience in the pictures’ composition and overall style.

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Brian Horton states that a good photograph needs good timing. A good photographer knows what the decisive moment for taking a photo is; timing is fundamental for creating impressive photojournalism. Horst Foss and Alan Diaz share Brian Horton’s feelings on the importance of timing. Both of them stress the importance of being prepared for any eventuality. Attentiveness is a prerequisite for having a good timing and taking memorable pictures. As well, these two photographers build on Horton’s advice by stressing the importance of having a personal style, one that is recognizable no matter what image or circumstance is present in the photograph. As well, Alan Diaz goes one step further when he advices prospective photojournalists to always promote peace with their cameras. Diaz believes that photojournalism should be used to expose injustice and cruelty, thus driving societies to action in the pursuit of universal peace.

Another photographer who gives excellent advice (perhaps the best advice of all) is David Martin, who states that photographers must always heed the work of others when realizing their own work. Finally, Charles Rex Arbogast, an experienced photographer with a career spanning three decades, advices photographers to always keep a multidimensional scope of human life. Humans are concerned with politics, society, sports, war, etc. All of this, then, should be covered by the photojournalist’s lens.

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