The US Senator Albert J. Beveridge was considered as the most influential young leader in 1899 at the age of 36, he had the potential of positively influencing the expansionism of US. In 1898 he expressed his views concerning the imperialism of US as a leading spokesman for the expansionist foreign policy. The study below concerns the comparison and contrast between Albert Beveridge and the Anti-Imperialist League toward U.S. expansionism.

Comparison and Contrast between Albert Beveridge and the Anti-Imperialist League toward U.S. Expansionism

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As a strong man and one of the most patriotic leader Albert Beveridge was there to support the expansionism of America and spoke all the positive things concerning the imperialism of the nation in support of the territorial expansion (Ninkovich, 2001). On the other hand, the American Anti-Imperialist league was formed to oppose the efforts of the territorial expansion thus their views were mostly differing with those of the Senator.

The Senator believes that God has chosen America to be the leader of the entire world by the virtue of their power through the right of their institutions and by the authority of their purposes directed from heavens. His call to urge the Americans to accept their position as the power of the world was heard by many across the place. He encouraged the leaders not to give up but keep burning the spirit of exploring many boundaries to govern them even without their consents. This should be done with the intention of sharing the talents and gifts that God has given them with the rest of the world and not like many other victorious nations like China, Egypt and India do (Albert Beveridge, 1898). Imposing authority over the other nations may also be a way of creating markets for their goods and services. Governing them also would enable the Americans to defend them from the other nations like Germany and England hungering to give them a self-rule of tragedy (Eperjesi, 2005).

The Anti-Imperialist League was opposing the views of the Senator in support of the imperialism. It argued that all people are entitled to life and liberty thus they should not be governed without their consent. It also argued that overthrowing of any nation is a criminal aggression and a sense of disloyalty to the principles of government (Watson, 2006). It also said that the attempt of the imperialism was to destroy the fundamental principles and the noblest ideals. The policy referred to as imperialism was considered to be hostile to the liberty of people and a character of destroying the institutions. The league said that it would contribute to the defeat of people or parties which fought for the forceful overthrow of any nation. It further said that no man is good enough to govern others without their consent (Bartlett, 2008).


The aim of the Anti-Imperialist League toward U.S. expansionism was to oppose the views of Senator Albert Beveridge concerning the imperialism in US. However, being a charismatic leader; the Senator won mass influence thus his opposes did not meet their goals and objectives.

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