The video under analysis is “American Roots Music”. It tells the story about the introduction of recording, which later contributed to the development of Blues music. The video describes such music styles as blues and country. It shows the difference between these two music styles.

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The interaction of blues and country music gave the world lots of creative and well-known musicians. For example, Jimme Rodgers was a representative of country music. He was considered the father of country music. The whole humanity owes Jimme Rodgers for this unique and simple music, in which he preserved the heritage of his land.  He enjoyed listening and playing to different kinds of music. Jimme Rodgers created many songs in hip-hop and blues.

Another great musician introduced in the video is Keb ‘Mo’. He was an incredibly talented pop and blues singer. His music is unique as it unites contemporary beats and folksy motifs. B.B.King was a famous bluesman known all over the world. He considered the king of blues. His songs united gospel, Delta blues and jazz. Moreover, his contribution into music was significant. He influenced many generations of contemporary rock and blues guitarists. He released the first blues album in 1920s.

 Robert Johnson was a well-known American blues singer and musician. Finally, Willie Dexion was indisputably talented American blues composer who is considered to be an evitable part of America’s musical tradition. In addition, the video tells the story of the first Blues Black Minstrel Show. Here, white artistes perform like black ones and sing in the Black Minstrel Show.

To conclude, this video helped me to understand the blues and country evolution and the most prominent figures of its development. There were numerous brilliant musicians, songwriters and singers in 1920s. Their influence is significant as our contemporary musicians grew on their creations. Besides, the interaction between blues and country produced many gifted artistes, guitarists, songwriters and producers. The development of recording allowed many people to listen and enjoy music at home. I think that blues is undeniably a unique and refined music style.

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