Unfortunately, I am not a student who has the immense financial backing of the family to complete the studies. In fact, I have to support my family financially which forced me to work two full time jobs. In other words, I have to spend around 16 hours for the full time jobs and 2 hours for the to and fro journey towards the different workplaces. The remaining 6 hours were not sufficient enough for me to sleep well and study well. The absence of rest and shortage of time affected my academic performances badly and the subsequent academic suspension.

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Today’s academic curriculum is filled with time bound assignments, term papers and project works in order to assess the academic levels or grades of the students. Grades are mostly determined by the marks received by a student for the assignments. In order to complete a term paper or assignment successfully, the student should spend lot of time in researching and writing the assignment. It is a fact that even bright students buy academic papers or term papers from internet sites in order to get good marks or grades. Some academic studies revealed that around 90% of the assignments or term papers submitted by the students were plagiarized or purchased. Fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t have belief in buying academic papers in order to achieve better grades. More precisely saying, I don’t have the financial abilities to spend lot of money for buying papers. Apart from lack of finance, my personal ethics also prevented me from purchasing terms papers. In short, my strong belief in ethics and academic integrity resulted in my poor performances in my academic examinations. I failed to achieve minimum required grades for the papers which I prepared in a hurry because of lack of time I spent for the preparation of the term papers.

I have realized that education is the much needed entity for the betterment of life and I should complete my education at any cost. Even if I may face some difficulties, I have realized that I have to spend more time for my education and for that purpose; I decided to quit one of my full time jobs. By quitting one of my full time jobs, I can save minimum 9 hours daily which can be utilized for my studies. It is going to be difficult for me to manage my family and studies expenses using a single job. I have consulted with the Student Success Center (MRC North Annex, 882-8292) and the Academic Advising Center (Lightner Center, 882-7514) for getting more assistance for my studies and career advancements. Based on their advices I have thoroughly revised my action plan for the future. I have already applied to some financial institutions for education loans which will help me to complete my studies, if sanctioned. I have to repay these loans with slight interests only after the completion of my studies. Some of my friends were also agreed to assist me with financial aids in order to complete my studies.

Time management skills are necessary for me to succeed both in my profession and in my studies. I have to work hard to achieve a balance between my professional needs and educational needs. Both education and profession are equally important for me and I should be more vigilant to succeed in both these segments. Periodic consulting with the faculty is necessary for me to get valuable tips from them for my career advancements. Earlier, I skipped many classes because of my professional commitments. Since, I decided to skip one of my full time job, such problems may not arise this time.

In short, I have completely restructured my career plans and allotted more time for my studies which will help me to complete my studies successfully if the authorities grand me another chance to complete my studies.

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