Anti-Semitism was a term coined to refer to the process of hatred and segregation of the Jews people and their heritage. For many centuries, Jews have been discriminated and mistreated in Europe and other continents in across the world. This hatred might have been as a result of their beliefs that they were God chosen people. They segregated themselves from the rest believing that they are the God chosen people. History explains that this triggered jealousy and eventually hatred towards this group.  Moreover, it is believed that the hatred may be because economic psychopaths considered them as economic of scapegoats. They also had aggressive and enterprenual culture. As a result of this pride, there was open hatred for the Jews people which cost their lives. Therefore, it is very important to study anti-Semitism in Europe. The following paper shall discuss on historical continuity of anti-Semitism in Europe between the periods of 1890 to 1939.

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By 1890 most European states had legalized racism and this was open hatred towards the Jews. Though, today hatred and racism is considered illegal and inhumane. There is still racism towards this group of people especially in Europe and some Arabic countries. However, leading European governments and the world assumes that racism does not exist, thus they are unable to formulate policies or create awareness against such practices (Camiller  and  Taquieff 126). For example, the French president Jacques Chirac believes there is no discrimination against Jews in France when a Jews maiden was harassed in the elevator by Arabic boys for wearing a Star of David necklace.  Therefore, it is very important that Anti-Semitism during this period should be studied in History in order to help future humanity from repeating the same mistakes done during this period of history.

The earliest form of anti-Semitism within this time can be traced from 1881 ten years before the period in Ukraine. Numerous numbers of Jews homes were destroyed, Jews children, men and women were injured as others were killed. Moreover, their wealth was confiscated as they were reduced to poverty. The reason behind this injustice was because they were falsely accused of assassinating Alexander II.  In 1890, the citizens of Vienna reelected the Mayor of Karl city, Lueger, for swearing to be anti-Semitic while on platform. It is believed that when Adolf Hitler was young, he would listen to this mayor and this is possibly the reason to why he had such a feeling for the Jews (Lendvai 46).  The ministry of internal affairs retaliated by formulating a policy that prohibited Jews habitation or movement in urban areas. In 1892, the Jews rights were infringed and were denied various freedoms for example; the town council prohibited them from participating in elections.

Anti-Semitism in France

In France, Jews too were falsely accused and punished unjustly. For instance, in 1894, a Jews captain in French army, Alfred Dreyfus, was sent to life imprisonment for thinking that he had passed French secrets to German army. At this stage, the church too (Catholic Church) also participated in the condemnation of the Jews race.  It was totally ironic to see a whole church and institution given authority to guard people’s souls condemning them unjustly in favor of the government and their doctrines (Julius 134). This only marked the beginning of treating Jews as scapegoats by the society. As the French sent Alfred Dreyfus to life imprisonment for selling their secrets to the Germans, the German were busy blaming the Jews for causing economic turmoil in Germany. By 1900, Anti-Semitism went international as countries across the world developed hatred for the Jews. During the 1919 Peace Conference of Paris, the Racist Zionist influences all European Countries to believe that Jews was a nation with minor rights (Lendvai 354). This further led to depression and increased hostility of the Jews in the European countries. This led to open attacks on Jews students in Rumania. Moreover, most Jews shops and businesses were closed down as the state and society was reluctant in offering them employment. Thus, the Jews family members were languished in poverty and starvation.

The Nazi party

Julius (234) argues that during 1934-1939, the emergence of the Nazi party and the raise of the Christian community against the Jews led to condemnation of the Jews people.  The church also released confidential information about mixed marriages. Those married to Jews or were Jews were segregated and given same harsh treatment as the Jews. They were also forced to divorce their marital partners or were flogged in public. The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 were harsh on the Jews community and demanded total isolation of the Jews. The Nazist party passed legislation that demanded that all Jews were supposed to wear Star of David. This star was meant to single them out from the rest of the societies that they were living in. In1938, anti-Semitism was used as a unifying factor of the military alliances. For instance, when Mussolini Benito wanted to form a military alliance with German’s leader Adolf Hitler, he used supported anti-Semitism. 

Camiller and  Taquieff  (145) holds that with the coming of the Second World War, Hitler targeted and killed six million Jews. With the turn of the 21st Century, anti-Semitism was still practiced in most countries across the world. This practice still goes on today. The people from the Arabic world still have heated hatred for the Jews. Since, the settlement of the Jews by the United Nations on their biblical homeland (Israel) in the middle of the Arabic countries, it triggered hatred with neighboring Arabic nations.


In conclusion, world leaders need to create more public awareness and encourage unity with this community. Though, Israel is not a member of the United Nations Security Council, the nation has been productive and successfully lived in the desert. The Nation has also been in the leading front in helping other countries across the globe. Instead of hating such a country for being successful, the nations across the world should respect it and learn from it.  Israel, home of Jews owns nuclear Weapon. Continuous mocking of the Jews may trigger the beginning of the Nuclear War. Nuclear war means the end of humanity and society. Cure is better than prevention and everybody has the sole responsibility of protecting humanity and society at large.

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