There are numerous approaches to the workstation design. Different elements of interior may considerably influence the efficiency and comfort of the workers. For this reason, a number of rules and principles have been developed for the proper organization of any working environment. However, Sweeney (2012) states that individual peculiarities of an employee and specificity of the job should be taken into account.

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In order to prove the importance of ergonomic principles, a specific example should be provided. A computer workstation of a receptionist at an international IT company was chosen for examination. It consists of the office furniture and equipment.

First of all, general aspects of the interior design have to be described. The workstation is situated at the corner of a spacious corridor near the window. Natural sunlight from the left side is extremely important for healthy sight. The walls are painted green, which helps to concentrate and creates a peaceful atmosphere.

The office chair and desk are very comfortable and their height can be regulated. A computer screen is situated at the center of the desk and matches the level of a worker’s head. There are special places for a keyboard and a mouse. Besides, there is a telephone on the left part of the table. This makes it possible to communicate with the customers and to note down the information at the same time. The multifunctional office device is placed on the right side of the desk. Such disposition of equipment is rather compact and convenient.

Safety is also important at such an enterprise. All the sockets and devices are marked with special voltage signs. Besides, there are printed instructions for an emergency near the workstation. What is more, the office is equipped with alarm system and observation cameras.

Consequently, it can be stated that the workstation of a receptionist is rather safe and comfortable. Ergonomic principles are used to provide a convenient workplace and to ensure efficiency and good health of a worker.

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