In setting up a mobile breast cancer screening vehicle, it would be best to procure a brand new vehicle that has been specifically designed for this purpose. It is recommended to purchase a vehicle with a standard design (as a custom design would increase costs); the Armor Mobile Premier Series Mammography Vehicle (priced at $500,000) stands out as an attractive option. This vehicle offers a dual suite floor plan, which highlights a mammography suite (for screening purposes), a waiting room/reception area, and an exam room (which could serve as the doctor’s office). As well, this vehicle comes equipped with a diesel generator, and with a ten-year warranty.

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Given that the objective is operating with state of the art equipment, the recommendation would be to equip the mobile screening unit with GE’s Senographe* Mobile Mammography unit (priced at $600,000), and with GE’s IDI Mammography Workflow workstation. Considering that the vehicle will already come furbished with everything that will be needed in order to tend to patients (with the exception of the actual mammography unit and the workstations), no delay other than the actual delivery times (for both the equipment and the vehicle) and the installation of the screening equipment should be experienced (meaning that the unit should be fully operational in less than 12 months).

Once the equipment is installed, all that would remain would be to train the staff in the usage of the equipment (training that would not take long to complete); the staff could be comprised of two nurses, one doctor, and one operator (who would work on the mammography unit’s workstation). This staff would be able to cope with the demand for screening from the women in Wilmington (especially those aged 40 and above). Finally, it is worth noting that no additional risks are to be expected given that the vehicle is built in a way to guarantee stability and continued power be it that it is operating on-site or off-site (due to its diesel generator).

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