The concept of spatial design is relevant particularly to digital animation. Reference for spatial design decisions can be found in the values and principles of visual arts disciplines. The following paper puts forward an analysis of the design specialist option which consists of 3D Product Spatial Design, Fashion/Textiles, Theatre and Screen. The reason for choosing this specialist option will be discussed and the works of famous artists in this area will be analysed. The artists who have always inspired me from their exceptional work are Edgar Mueller, the street 3D artist who makes use of simple materials for his art work, William Morris, the famous textile designer and finally Verner Panton who is world famous for his brilliant ideas, especially the Panton chair.

Famous artists and their artworks

Edgar Mueller

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The great artist Edgar Mueller’s work has been quite inspiring and exceptional. He is a street artist who makes use of chalk and the street as his canvas and creates amazing 3D artworks. The speciality of making 3D pictures in a flat surface is really commendable. The most interesting aspect of his artwork is that how fascinated people get with the idea of 3D designing when literally, they cannot believe their own eyes. It is really fascinating when the edges are made blurry. The technique stretches around hundreds of meters along the roadside which involves the people to feel the picture actually. He says “It gets thrilling when the observer runs into the picture”(Krols 2011). The following picture took 5 days to be completed with 5 assistants and Edgar Mueller. He kept painting all day from sunrise to sunset. The gigantic illusion has been completed by making use of the anamorphic technique to the painting along the pavement. This is around 250 sq meters in size.

William Morris

Morris was an English textile designer writer, artist and a socialist. His work has been an inspiration for me in the area of textile designing. He represented his thoughts of connection with the nature, well-adjusted craft work, utopian visions, socialism and a type of stripped –pine aesthetics which are appealing to many people. Morris’s preference for the plane use of line and color and abhorrence of three dimensional shading was outstanding. Making use of the ancient technique of hand woodblock painting in his work is still greatly appreciated. He was the first one to experiment using vegetable dyes and indigo dyeing. Wool, silks and cotton dyeing was what he was excelled at. Morris’s designs for woven textiles including double-woven furnishing fabrics which consisted of two sets of wraps and wefts are interconnected to create intricate progressions of colour and texture. His textile designs are still popular. Some of them are even re-used in an entirely new way by re-colouring to give a modern touch (Kohl 1997).

Verner Panton

Verner Panton is one of the most influential and renowned interior and furniture designers of Denmark. Basically his design style was more of the 60s era, but many of his designs gained great popularity in the late 20th century. Some of Panton’s famous furniture ideas are still in production. As Panton said: “A less successful experiment is preferable to a beautiful platitude”, (Panton, 2001) he experimented with extra ordinary materials like fibre glass, steel, foam rubber, plastics etc.

Panton was the first one to introduce form-moulded chairs without joints made of plastic. The famous plastic Panton chairs, the one piece cantilevered design made in florescent colours has been in production since 1967.

The use of bright and visionary colours by Panton has been famous all over the world. The famous Panton chair was considered a spectacular masterpiece due to not only its unique shape, which is elegant and extravagant, but also because of the fact that it was the first chair ever designed in the history of the interior designing made out of one piece of plastic. The Panton chair enhanced the opportunities offered by the raw material quite consistently and added a new dimension to what one can achieve technically from simple materials.


The art work of the exceptional artists discussed above can never be forgotten. It will always be inspiring for the new ones entering into this industry. From the marvellous 3D street painting to adding beautiful colours and textures to simple fabrics, from the extravagant and stylish Panton chair to simple use of chalk to amaze people. Art has been an inspiration for me which encouraged me to pursue my career in this field.

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