Dear police officer,

I hereby write to you, to inform you about an aspect of subculture in the police force. The culture of police is usually explained as isolationist, authoritarians, and elitist. Police subculture entails a series of attitudes, values, and norms that are shared broadly by police officers, who get a way to cope with their working environment strains within the culture.  

Even if you have been raised in the military family, the feeling is quite the same. As a police officer I used to feel as if I have my own community. According to me a soldier job is of honor and power, a job that you can proudly speak of. The culture of police is persistent through the manner new members are chosen, exercised, and acknowledged into the ranks of police. This thorough selections process that individuals are put through, subjects an individual to an organization in which is the start of police assimilation of culture.

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A lot of Police research for the past thirty years has recorded the tendency for police isolation. As a police you will be isolated from past friends, community, the legal system, and even from your spouse and family. This always makes the new police officer to find it hard to adopt. Police often entail social isolation on themselves as a way of avoiding real and apparent dangers, personal and professional independence loss, and being rejected socially. 

Generally, the aspect of danger often causes police officers to suspect themselves. When trying to be attentive to any probable violence, you need generally to suspect everyone but not a particular individual. Likewise you need to understand that majority of new police always tend to isolate themselves from former friends as they do not appear to know and appreciate the rigidity of being a police officer. By suspecting everyone, it is easy to know the real criminal and make an arrest immediately.   

Administrative related factors such as working in a shift, days that you will be out of duty, the time spent in courts, tend to distance you the officer from individuals rather than your fellow police. As a police you can also be distanced from authority. One effect of police isolation is that it always encourages police to involve in unpleasant behavior to an extent of involving in serious crimes. The discretion amount that police posses in laws administration have been of concern by the courts, citizens, and legislators, this is because the biasness among individual police officers can cause a big variance as the way laws are managed.  Leadership can start to reform the isolation culture on personal level by splitting the isolation culture on the organizational level. Isolation of police tends to create an arrogant feeling towards criticisms and complaints dealings.         

Negative and positive beliefs that go hand in hand with the community and culture of the police are always there. A lot of negative beliefs are concerned with police separating themselves from other people who are not police officers. They create themselves to be untouchable. Therefore, it is important for police officers to stick together and depend on one another since it seems they can only understand one another. Conflict can occur between the officers. This should not make you not to unite even if the fellow police have different views.

In conclusion I want to thank you for having secured a place in the police force, it is the right profession since it is able to improve your leadership skills. This is through interacting with other people and being able to make decision on your own but also on the other hand remember that police force has many challenges that you need to adopt as you join the force. Always be able to embrace change.

Yours sincere.

Retire police officer.

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