There are many individuals, rules and regulations which can help in governing, creation of new guidelines in the community. In this scenario there are many methods in which one can propose the implementation of the particulars in the case of making rules and regulations, the most effective way is the policy proposal. Policy proposal is the most effective tool or mechanism of implementing regulations effectively for the benefit of the society and its inhabitants. Many may tend to seek the policies which have been established in order to improve their living conditions or even the way the public represents factors which affect them directly. Therefore policy proposals may tend to be used to search for processes which are more beneficial to the development of human aspects in the community, to be more accommodating, flexible and more streamlined to the interests of the common ordinary citizens.

However from the above simple explanation of what a policy proposal is, there is the problematic level of introducing my policy proposal. This proposal policy is in the regard of helping the environmental society in developing mechanisms for protecting sea food from the effects of offshore oil explorations. Sea food is the core diversification supplement of food in this modern world, therefore it is important to have, developed and up to date oil exploration mechanisms which not only protects oil reserves but also sea food existence. Therefore proposing the development of a more classic oil exploration and environmental conservation mechanisms across the country will help to reduce the problems of destroying the sea food and its supplements in the marine life ecosystem. Through the development of technology, enough sufficient data, improved research options for the stakeholders, will help them understand the main principles of protecting the sea food and its importance as a supplement. Above all developing a modern educational system throughout the nations’ oil reserves will help in modifying the information accessible about the importance of sea food in diversification of our community’s economy.

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Establishing the criteria

In this proposal there are many possible outcomes. In developing technological changes in oil explorations, will change many operations in oil reserves. In the case of oil explorations mechanisms which utilize the latest models of technology, these mechanisms may be exploited to protect the sea life from being threatened by oil exploration measures. Trying to include the importance of having technology at your fingertips, will help one to have the essence of changing from one era to a new one which is very dynamic in the implementing industrial measures which protect our environment. There are many possible of outcomes that may be analyzed and compared with those in favor with the proposal, against those which are not in favor. The importance of technology to the development of the oil resources is very fundamental but sometimes not to the sea life; in fact certain technology is dangerous to the survival of sea life. The possible ways of comparing this research will be done in almost all the major oil reserves to collect information regarding the stakeholders who are in favor to the introduction of new oil explorations mechanisms. All the information collected will be available to all the stake holders responsible in the development of the oil exploration and the importance of protecting the sea life from the adversity of the effects of exploring oil in the sea. Data in making this proposal will be collected through interviewing, questioning among many others like public forums and debates.

Projecting the outcomes

In the proposal of introducing other methods of oil explorations using computerized expert systems in our environments, will be met with disagreement from the oil community, which will impose its development. Although through suggesting affordable alternatives, it many shed some light in the development of the possible computerized expert system resources in our oil industries.

Developing oil explorations through the use of more advanced technological aspects than drilling the oil directly from the sea, it is a good alternative for developing other proper methods in the drilling of oil from the sea. In this perspective the many corporations which understand the standards of providing save mechanisms in accessing the oil reserves like underground drilling should be able to stop the spilling of oil and disturbing the balance of nature in the sea. Although the technology is safe it may yet be impossible to apply, since advanced gadgets and technology that is needed, is not readily available to small oil corporations in the world.

Developing an information resource center; it is another good alternative to the development of a viable information technology to create awareness in the protection of the ecological ecosystem in the sea. However, the resources may lack some vital information which could have been important to the third parties in the industry of manufacturing petroleum products. This Information could have had fundamental influence to oil explorers to the knowledgeable level. Therefore proposing to hold all the information of the sea food resources and presenting them to the corporations which disturb their ecological balance of depriving them of their importance resources, supplements, can be able to help in a minimal degree.

Developing standards which will protect and govern the oil reserves and their surroundings; this is also another good alternative in which one department is committed to provide information and technology resources to the oil exportations fraternity. Although the mechanisms will be readily available, it still is not a viable option of protecting the sea food and its ecological system. Corporations will be responsible for any surrounding pollution that will affect its life support balance.

Pick an alternative

Picking a good alternative to the proposed ban of oil exploration in the sea is a challenge since man has been independent in the use of oil in almost daily in our lives. Therefore, by developing a responsible department that will ensure that there are enough developed tools, which are safe in the oil explorations and in the same time protecting the sea food, will help the environmental conservation in the same utilizing the natural resource oil. The government and environmental conservation organizations should provide the appropriate tools for safe sea oil explorations.  The oil department will be responsible with all the exploration services required by the oil corporations. In the process of developing oil resources, they will be responsible for training the staff and providing educational forums which will help the oil stakeholders in the industry in maximizing the utilization of the oil and other energy resources like solar.


In evaluating this proposal, there will be many options to be considered before the real action takes place. The responsible parties who manage the oil corporations, explorations, will be actually consulted and the policy presented to them. The evaluated proposal policy will be presented to the governing committee in industrial development and financial budgeting boards. They are responsible for awarding contracts for the oil explorations and extraction. In the annual meetings which are held, they will propose the conservation criteria, like being responsible in the conservation of the aquatic life and its resources banned from exploitation. There may be unforeseen problems which may arise during the presentation of the proposal, including the proposal of banning oil exploration or the alternative of using technological solutions in the explorations of oil without the always drilling. The department for policy representation will be responsible for the evaluation of the policy and its presentation to the committee.


In conclusion, the ban on offshore oil production is significant to the protection of seafood and aquatic environment. However, oil is an important resource in driving the economy of a nation. Therefore, the US government’s effort to ensure a healthy environment proposes a policy, on how to manage the environment after considering potential impacts of offshore oil exploration. There are many advantages associated with the policy, including the preservation of marine aesthetic value, being a role model to other countries, reduction of hazards to the environment, elimination of environmental harmful infrastructure, avoidance of oil spillages and avoidance of the long lasting effect of safety defects. Technology also can be used to develop resourceful mechanisms which can be helpful to the development of the oil exploration resources. These mechanisms may include using alternative energy sources, technological modification to minimize fuel and spilling of oil into the water ecosystem. This will reduce the demand of oil hence decrease the pressure on offshore oil extraction.

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