Marketing is a process that determines the kind of services and products that interest the customers as well as strategies to be used in sales, business and communication development. It is used as the tool that generates strategies that underlie business communication, business development, and sales techniques. It also helps companies build customer relationship that are strong.

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Studying marketing has various benefits to the ASU business students for instance; it offers a student, variety of challenging and interesting career opportunities, for example, advertising, transport, personal selling, packaging, storage, wholesaling, retailing, product development, and marketing research.

Additionally, marketing offers opportunity to those students in non-business organizations take on marketing activities using marketing skills they have. With this, they help promote cultural, civic, political, charitable, and church activities. These skills and knowledge from marketing are useful whether in business organization or non-business organization since they are helpful assets.

Marketing helps a student improve his or her communication skills. This is gained through learning about potential clients, by understanding who these clients are and what they need. This person to person contact helps the marketing student improve their communication skills by improving how they relate with people.

Marketing also helps the student minimize risk in a business. This is attained by being prepared to either lose or win. Additionally, it will help come up with standards, which will help in measuring the progress. High standards at the beginning will help sustain a better growth in the business and hence gaining more profits.

Marketing can help one be marketable as a potential employer since it helps one gain analytical and research skills, which are applied in many fields. The skills can be useful in opportunities that are within business fields that need potential employers such as financial institutions, public relations department and firms, and marketing departments.

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