Team work is very essential for better performance. This is a setting where many people with the same goal come together to carry out a duty. One of the important aspects of any organization is to build a good team. When people working towards achieving a specific goal are many the work becomes easy and manageable when it’s compared with working as an individual. When many people reason as a group many dimensions of a subject issue can be brought forth. Through team work much contribution is made than when it could have been done by one person. There is special energy in a team and this energy outperforms a single individual (Maddux and Wingfield 11).

Importance of teamwork

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One of the main objectives of a team is to fuse their individual energies together in order for greater performance to be obtained. Through a team the workload can be distributed. And as a result work is done fast since every individual has a specific work to perform. Proper distribution reduces the rate of over working som individuals who as a result loose motivation for their work. When people work as a team individual capabilities is reinforced. This is every important because poorer performers are uplifted by others and this becomes a driving force to them for better performances (Schwalle 359).

As an individual one may fail to participate in the ongoing duties but these changes when people work together as a team. Through teamwork there is fully participation of all workers as well as their complete involvement on whatever is being carried out. One is bound to make wrong decisions if the task of decision making was to be left to him alone. Therefore for good choices and decisions to be made there is need for an effective team work. Better decisions are made since every person has a chance to air there opinion out and there is room for listening to all issues which have been brought forth before making any decision (Schwalle 262).

Through team work an individual worker feels part of the organization. This is important to the worker because he feels his participation has contributed to the achievements of the set goals. There is diversity of ideas when individuals work as a team. The diverse ideas obtained give room for new innovations as well as improved achievements. Many organizations are working on forming better teams since the achievements of the organizations increases when there are proper teamwork procedures in place.

There is creativity which comes with working in a team. This is attributed to the fact that people coming together have different skills and personalities which when fused together brings much creativity. Through creativity solutions to persistent problems can be obtained. By working as a team people get the chance to develop and grow together. Job satisfaction comes when one grows in whatever field they are working and because growth is achieved through teamwork workers get satisfied with their jobs. Individual workers are able to gain new skills through teamwork because everyone has different skills and concentration of people is aimed at different things (Bell 46)


In conclusion teamwork is important for every organization. Objectives of a company are better achieved when there are goods teams. The time frame for achieving the set goals is reduced to a great extend when workers work as a team. Things like implementation of projects are made easier through teamwork. Company organizing board usually comes out with good decisions because everything being handled is solved by all the members allowing for disagreements until sober decisions are reached. Basically there is much support which comes as a result of being in a team and for this reason, for better performance there is need for working as a team.

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