Children are frequently amenable to emotional, physical, and sexual abuse in present day society. Psychologists state that abused children suffer from mental disorders, interpersonal problems, and sexual fears in adult life. Psychologists also declare that these types of abuse are often intertwined. In this paper we aim to analyze how the above-mentioned abuses affect children.

The Effects of Emotional Abuse on Children

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Emotional abuse involves any attitude, behavior, or actions that harm mental or social development of a child. The negative psychiatric effects caused by emotional abuse last longer than the effects caused by physical or sexual abuse (Barriere, 2008).

Emotional abuse causes various physical effects. Among them are the following: speech problems, problems in physical development, self-harm. There usually emerge the following emotional effects: inability to control one’s emotions, depression, and emersion of suicidal thoughts. Emotional abuse also affects children on the behavioral level. Children become irritable, overly reactive, and aggressive (Barriere, 2008).

Emotional abuse often occurs with other types of abuse

The Effects of Physical Abuse on Children

Physical child abuse causes different injuries. The injury is often a result of beating, hitting, pushing, or kicking; pinching, choking, or burning with cigarettes (Croft, 2008). Children become fearful of physical contact because of such aggression. They do not trust other people, become sad and start lying. When studying, such children cannot concentrate on a subject. In addition, psychosomatic illnesses can emerge in abused children.

The Effects of Sexual Abuse on Children

Sexual abuse of a child involves any sexual act between a child and adult person. Sexual abuse includes penetration, oral sex, sodomy, and rape (Croft, 2008). The effects of sexual abuse on children become apparent through children’s emotions, physical state, and behavior. As a result, various psychological, physical, sexual, and social problems emerge.

Among the psychological problems are the following: fears, sleeping disorders, panic attacks, outbursts of anger when one touches the child. Physical harm includes infections and injuries. It declares though the pain during sexual intercourse, headache, and nausea.  Sexual problem consists in bringing back memories of the abuse when one’s partner touches one’s body.


Emotional, physical, and sexual abuse has harmful effects on children. Emotional abuse brings down children’s self-esteem, physical abuse causes different injuries, and sexual abuse gives rise to sexual problems in adult life.

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