It is one of four P’s of marketing. A product is an item which satisfies consumers need (Rowley, 2006). It is not necessary that the product is always a tangible thing, it may be services. It is a commodity which is offered by company for some price. Product is developed through various steps; companies design products or services after anticipating consumer’s need.

Few Words about Café Nero Product

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Cafe Nero’s main objective is to keep their kitchens good. They have highly experienced chefs in which their main Chef is Ursula Ferrigno ( Majority of their recipes ingredients are natural items and their recipes are inspired by Italian Classics. The main benefit of using natural ingredients is of taste, because for food items, taste is main factor on which a consumer decides to buy. In current era, awareness among people is increasing so time by time every person is aware about healthy foods. So in this way products of Café Nero not only satisfies their want of having a coffee or food but it also satisfies their needs to have a healthy food by maintaining balance of ingredients in creating vibrant foods. It assures that they can survive for long run; because this increment in awareness has changed and will more change the buying behaviour. Their foods contain less than 5 % fat ( Their foods are health friendly, as they also remove extra sugar. They did not prefer to use genetically produced ingredients.

Café Nero has two main products, on is coffee and another is food.

Hot Coffee Drinks


  • 7 gm Espresso is the core product (
  • Hazelnut brown powder is the expected product.
  • Different taste of Espresso Coffee of Nero is the augmented product, as it make consumer dependent to buy from them (Rowley, 2006).
  • ‘No crema, no serva!’ is the potential product for Café Nero’s customer.

Espresso Macchiato

  • Espresso is the core product.
  • Hazelnut brown powder is the expected product.
  • Dollop of mild foam on top is augmented product.
  • ‘No crema, no serva!’ is the potential product for Cafe Nero’s customer (


  • Cappuccino with hot milk is Core Product.
  • Milk foam is expected product.
  • Dome of foam is augmented product.
  • Chocolate powder over a dome of foam is Potential Product (


  • Cappuccino with chocolate is core product.
  • Different syrups and skimmed milk is expected product as most of competitors use normal semi skimmed milk.
  • Any design over the surface of coffee will be augmented product (Derdak, 2008).
  • Homogeneous mixture of chocolate powder and double espresso is Potential product.


Cafe nero sandwiches

  • Properly baked breads with exotic ingredients are core products.
  • Sweet pickle over ingredients is expected product.
  • Fresh breads and ingredients are augmented product.
  • Natural ingredients are Potential Products.


  • Panini bread is the core product.
  • Low fat is the expected product.
  • Tomato and fresh balls of mozzarella is the augmented product.
  • Overall superb taste of Panini is the Potential product (

How Total Product Concept Diagram Works in Practice in Cafe Nero?

As from our above definition of product, Café Nero is not selling coffee and sandwiches, etc. but they are selling consumer’s need (Rowley, 2006). So it is very important to know not only need of consumer but also the reason why consumer is buying product. So, total product concept diagram helps Cafe Nero to design their products by defining core, expected, augmented and potential product with in their main product.

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