Many philosophers and scholars have pondered on this same question the existence of God and many others will keep asking the same question. It is not possible to scientifically prove the existence of God though there are many things in the universe that reveals that there exists a supernatural power and force that is beyond our human imagination, knowledge and scientific scope. It is not scientifically possible to prove that God exists because he is not visible and tangible. For anything to be proved it has to be repeated through a series of experiments therefore proving the existence of God impossible. Therefore we us humans are limited by the fact that we cannot prove his existence or inexistence yet there are many things that take place in the universe and our lives that suggests the existence of someone who is superior to us. This power or force manipulates our lives and events in a way that is so much beyond our rich and therefore we are forced to live by the things that we cannot control (Knechtle 70).

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Philosophically, there are many theories that have been created to explain his existence or inexistence. For instance the theory of value is bound up on one notion or character of God which put a lot of emphasis on perfection. One of the main challenges that face all scholars attempting to prove his existence or inexistence is the absence of a standard definition of who God really is. This is the main hindrance to the approval or disapproval of his existence. Most people who believe there is God have there own definitions of him and many times this definitions are self contradictory therefore, they cannot be based on to bring a standard explanation of who he is. In spite of these confusion and contradiction those, who have attempted to explain who God is have based their explanation on the holy bible. For example God is described as a Supreme Being, Almighty and omniscient among others.

It is not possible to prove the existence of God. This is because even those that strongly believe in him only believe what is written about him. If God was visible it would have been very easy to prove his existence but he is not (Knechtle 70).  It could have been a little simpler to handle this mystery if he could do things the way we do but the way things happen under the universe is unexplainable. We can only feel his presence and the effects of his doings yet we know little about him. Despite the fact that we are limited in proving his inexistence or existence it is not logical to conclude that God does not exist. Therefore his existence or inexistence is beyond the scope of our understanding and reasoning. This is a concept that is too overwhelming for the human mind though the quest of knowing whether he truly exists or not will never end.

On the contrary there are those people who believe that by the fact that scientists with all their expertise and knowledge have failed to scientifically create human life or a human being then it automatically proves the existence of God. This is further supported by the fact that the theories of evolution on their own have failed to successfully explain how man evolved from apes and other primates. Therefore they must be a God who created the first man who propagated and filled the entire world. On addition they strong base the existence of God on the Holy Scriptures which reveals his existence and work on the universe.

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