Southern Baptist Hospital clearly did little research on the audience needs before developing its marketing strategy. In fact, it had not considered the possible impacts of the advertisements that were put to the public. Moreover, the hospital had no well-defined objectives of the market strategy. It is for this reason that the plan had no effect on the market share, customers’ volume, and revenue even after the marketing strategy had been implemented (Makeitright, 2010).  

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Explicitly, Southern Baptist Hospital did not have an overall marketing strategy in its operations. This is because of the fact that it was a non-profit-making organization. Therefore, marketing its services and image never took any central place in its activities. It was only after the market share got eroded by the stiff competition from other hospitals that the hospital embarked on marketing (Makeitright, 2010).

Moreover, the Southern Baptist Hospital does not seem to have had a good grasp on the whole idea of marketing. This implies that hospital barely sufficient information on the nature of marketing. That is why the hospital conducted inadequate research on the customers’ needs before embarking the development of a marketing strategy (Makeitright, 2010). This is also demonstrated by the fact the hospital never considered the possible effects of the advertisements on the revenues, market share and customer volumes.

In marketing, it is vital to emphasize on the corporate image in the marketing process than on the organizational services. This is because image is quite influential in the building of trust and confidence among the customers. Moreover, image attracts many customers, and increases revenues and market share of the organization. Services are secondary to the image of an organization; hence, marketers should stress on the image rather than on services.

There are serious effects of marketing to the general public rather than the specific groups. Firstly, general public marketing wastes time and resources as the impacts are very little. This is because of the need to know the interests of customers. Besides, general marketing is ineffective as it might miss the target group. Consequently, it yields little results as no objectives are achieved.

Notably, the Southern Baptist Hospital did not give much thought to marketing. That is why it did not consider the effects of the marketing campaign on its performance. Evidently, the hospital had no idea of its high image on the customers’ perceptions (Makeitright, 2010). Therefore, the idea of continued airing the advertisement was costly as it had no effect on the customers’ volume, revenues or its market share.

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