Plagiarism is one of the most serious problems teachers and instructors deal with while dealing with students’ works. It can be intentional or accidental. However, students must avoid it and study hard using their own intelligence and skills, since taking someone else’s ideas and thoughts is considered cheating. It is explained by the fact that all students at school, college or university are equal in their rights. Their teachers and instructors have the same demand expressed for each of them. Moreover, plagiarism is forbidden in the educational process. It is a serious violation which can lead to any kind of punishment or even expulsion from the educational establishment. Every student should consider the risks of breaking the rules.

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If to take Donna’s case into consideration, I think she was violating the Honor Code. She was taking risks to be revealed and there would be no way back. If she used any of the essay or papers and gave it as her own, she would definitely cheat. Her instructor would not be pleased with her. Taking somebody else’s papers and giving it as your own is a fraud. This is not the task higher education aims at. First of all, students should learn how to find, analyze and reproduce the information. If there are any references or quotations, they should be given. Secondly, plagiarism is the first step to cheating in general. There is no use in studying when there is no progress in the way one thinks and contemplates.

Despite all hardships in our lives, we should learn to overcome difficulties on our own. Donna should learn how to manage her time and dedicate enough time to her family, job and studying. If I were Donna’s instructor and discovered her cheating, I would warn her for the first time and told her about possible punishment in case she continues using that site. I hope that she would not make the same mistake in the future, because studying in the university is difficult, but worthy.

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