The advent of mobile phone was one of the most remarkable developments in technology industry. The long tiresome journey that people had to undergo in order to check on their relatives had become history. As at the moment, mobile phone use has become a necessity to most people. People will do whatever it takes to stay connected via mobile phones. But it is expected that nothing is ever perfect. Scientists have raised concerns over the safety of using mobile phones (American Cancer Society, 2009). In this paper, the concerns raised concerning the effects of mobile phone use will be discussed.

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Despite of the increased benefits of using mobile phones, experts have sounded an alarm on the potential effects such phones may have on our health. One of the effects cited by researches is that excessive use of cell phones will affect the user’s memory (Better Health Channel, 2010). Recent studies done on animals kept in laboratories showed ill effects of radiations emitted from mobile phones. The radiations from mobile phones leaked into the brain of rats exposed to phones. Considering the harmful effects of radiations, then human beings are also not safe. It is more of a fact that mobile phones have become a necessity. But when we look at the potential side effects as discussed, they can be detrimental. Scientists have suggested the use of hands-free phones to minimize direct radiations.

Arguments have also arisen suggesting that mobile phones can change the chemical structure of cells (Better Health Channel, 2010). In addition, the phones have been accused of having a vital role in causing cancer. The radiations from the phones have been attributed to the etiology of cancer. Scientists warn that excessive use of mobile phones will increase the dosage of the radiations in ones body. As a result, there are increased chances of him/her getting cancers. According to them, they argue that radiations have heat that is responsible for causing the change in chemical structure of cells. Though at the moment there is no research that can fully confirm these arguments, more research need to be done to rule out the role mobile phones have in causing cancer.

Researchers have also suggested that excessive use of mobile phones has more detrimental effects on children compared to adults. They say children are more vulnerable to radiations from mobile phones compared to children.  In addition, it has been shown that while making a call, greatest radiations are emitted during the first few seconds before the call is picked. It is advisable while calling to wait till the call is picked before putting it close to the ears. There have been also suggestions that the right ear is affected more with radiations as compared to the left ear. In addition to affecting the brain cells, waves from mobile phones have also been shown to harm the physical body parts, for instance, the heart, reproductive organs and other internal organs. Furthermore, mobile phone use has been shown to be a great risk for pregnant mothers. According to PSRAST, pregnant mothers who use phones most frequently when pregnant increase the risk of their fetus developing Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) syndrome (2009).

There has also been an increase in traffic accidents that have been mostly associated with cell phone use. Drivers who converse on mobile phones while driving are distracted and are prone to accidents. According to PSRAST (2009), study done in Mellon University, brain imaging was done and showed that while driving and listening, the parietal lobe activities reduced by 37%. The parietal lobe is the part of the brain associated with driving. Other side effect of mobile phones is the reduced pleasure of face to face interactions.  With the introduction of the phones, they have facilitated communication over large distances and this has made people have a tendency of avoiding to meet their friends.

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