It is well-known that fish roe is delicious, valuable and useful product. At the same time, it is very scarce and expensive. The high cost of eggs depends on the fact that it is the basis of procreation of underwater inhabitants. For this reason, every year one introduces the seasonal ban on industrial and amateur fishing during their spawning. The demand for the caviar is constantly increasing.  Therefore, special fisheries were created (sturgeon, salmon).

There are three main types of caviar: sturgeon (beluga, sturgeon, spike); salmon (chum, pink, sockeye, coho, salmon); partial (carp, perch, pike, roach, etc.), which can also include gray mullet, whitefish, cod, herring, etc., as well as the echinoderms eggs – sea urchin.

The membrane that holds the salmon or trout eggs together inside the fish is called the skein. A rubber spatula is used for scrapping out the skein. Later, it should be put in an ice water, then “drained and salt is added and it’s packed in plastic and put on ice” (Caviar, 2012). After draining, the experienced person looks at the color, the consistency of grain (size), glean, flavor and fragrance of the eggs. The color of eggs of different fish varies considerably. It differs from the light gray to black and from the orange-red to light yellow.

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The next step is very important. The salting of eggs depends on their quality. For example, “the eggs of the highest quality are exposed to a relatively small amount of pure salt. The amount of salt usually ranges between 2.8 and 5% of the egg’s overall weight” (Caviar, 2009).

Any kind of caviar, regardless of the color and size, contains the same set of useful substances for humans. This seafood contains no “excess” calories. It includes a lot of protein (about 30%) and fat (about 15%), but its calorie is only about 250 calories per 100 g. Caviar has a large number of proteins that are easily absorbed by our body. In addition, this product contains vitamins A, B, C and D, beneficial amino acids, minerals, lecithin and folic acid. Lecithin helps remove cholesterol and nourishes nerve cells, and folic acid helps fight anemia. Caviar does not include the unnecessary fat and its fatty acids are extremely beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Therefore, they improve blood flow and reduce the risk of blood clots. Many nutrients spawn the valuable delicacy, so this product is recommended for people who need extra vitamins, nursing mothers, and children.

Sturgeon roe – the premium caviar

There are four varieties of it: sevruga, beluga, ship and osetra. It is worth mentioning that the most popular (and most expensive) is white beluga caviar. In the United States, beluga caviar cost more than $5000 per kilogram. However, its price may be lower – $250 per kg. The eggs of beluga have a delicate nutty flavor hue, cream or light gray color. Its size may be up to 2.5 mm in diameter. The next after beluga caviar goes osetra caviar. It has more pronounced fishy taste, and much smaller eggs – up to 1.5 mm in diameter. As for the red caviar, everything is the opposite – the smaller eggs the better taste. The most expensive red caviar is red with an orange tint. The last is the salmon roe that has a lighter color. In industrial processing caviar are divided into two classes: the first must contain goals elastic eggs with a pleasant aroma without the tastes. Thus, eggs burst when one touches them with the tongue. The burst eggs are not supposed to be in the can. However, caviar of the second class may include such eggs. In addition, eggs of different varieties differ in the salt content of caviar: 1st grade – 4-6%, and the 2nd class – 4-8%.

The best caviar is supposed to be served with the simple accompaniment. It is better to keep the caviar in the original tin. What is more, it should be set on crushed ice. The use of special caviar spoon can prevent the unpleasant metallic taste. They are usually carved from natural horn, glass, mother-of-pearl or bone. “Metal should never be used because the salt will tarnish soft metals and will negatively impact the flavor of the caviar” (Caviar, 2009).

One may serve the caviar with blinis or brioche topped with creme fraiche; a small amount of whipped unsalted butter or with the lightly toasted white bread. It is also possible to use egg yolks or chopped eggs whites.

Nowadays, some chefs like to conduct the experiments and add avocado in the batter while making the blini. However, there are those who put caviar in cooked dishes. Trying not to toughen the egg, they add it at 6the end. Nevertheless, a great number of chefs use caviar as a garnish or in cold offerings.

The caviar is also used traditionally. For example, chef Rick Tramonto who works in Tru Restaurant, Chicago,   adds creme fraiche, chopped hard-cooked eggs and minced onion, instead of nontraditional capers, lemon and sour cream. He uses toast points in exchange for blini.

The founder of the well-known company Collins Caviar, Carolyn Collins, is famous for trout caviars and the handmade fresh Great Lakes salmon. It became an upscale menu item for the restaurants. It emerged on menus like “Bloody Mary Gazpacho with Caviar Peppar Crouton Floats,  Thick-Cut Sweet Potato Chips and Citron Caviar Creme Spread Coconut Blini with Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream and Mango Caviar, etc”.

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