A cellphone is a simple gadget. It can be felt. It can be seen and it can be heard (Klemens 4). Imagine walking on the streets and you hear someone say “hello?” not far behind. One can easily be tempted to look back (Forma 6). In many cases, such a person will only see that the other person is talking into a small device he/she is holding in the hand. Sometimes one may not see this device. It is because of its size. How big is a cellphone then? As to me, a cellphone is a small device, which is easy to carry around.

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The above conclusion can be reached from different dimensions. The one is how the gadget has developed over the years. Recently people had very big phones. I remember my first encounter with these phones. They used to be very big. These cellphones were heavy. You could see them as people’s pockets were stretched. They had the cellphones yes, but hey; the phones were too heavy on their pockets! When the reduction to the sizes came, it was aha! People appreciated that they had something what was small enough to fit into their pockets and not to make them bulge.

Today, these small phones are in ‘common’ use. How small are them? I must confess that some astonishing facts may shock cellphone users. I have seen cellphones as small as a pen! Can  you imagine that the pen is a phone? My friends tell me there are cellphones even smaller than that. I tend to disagree, but hey, I have seen them on the computers and in the brochures of stores where they were advertised! They are pals there!

One may tend to form a question on the size of the cellphone I possess. I must answer,, but first confirm that, yes, I have a cellphone. It is a red colored phone, which rings with the latest songs when someone is calling. Sitting near me, do not be amazed to here it screams: “ drop itlike its hot!”. You do not have to run away from this. It is a song, I set on this phone, to let me know someone is calling. Returning to what I was saying, my phone is small. It is very small. How small is it? I must confess it isn’t as small as the smallest one, but small enough for four of them to fit in a cup. Yes, four phones of this type can fit into one cup. Four of them can also fit onto my palm. This is the size. It is a very small phone. 

I cannot attest to the problems my ‘friends’ had when they were using the big cellphones. However, I can confirm the benefits that these small-sized phones, like the one I have, bring with them. Talking about the one I have, I must confess that it saves me the energy of carrying something heavy for communication. I imagine how it would be to walk around with a telephone booth. It is terrible. Hence, I can carry my small phone in the pocket and even forget it is there! Can you imagine that?

I must also confess that the phone saves me the space. When I walk around, I need the space in the pockets to keep many things there. If I had lived in the ages when cellphones were so big, I would not have had such privileges like available space.


The above discussion confirms that cellphone is a small device, which is easyto carryaround. As identified, there are cellphones of a pen size. It is described that there are others, even smaller, phones. In the discussion, I have also mentioned that my cellphone is so small that four phones of it size will fit into a cup. All these facts describe a small garget. As I have expounded, such a small size makes it possible for one to carry the cellphone in the pocket and even forget it is there. The meaning of this is that the cellphone gadget is so small that it does not bother anyone who is moving with it.

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