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The chief marketing officer has turned out to be one of the most commonly discussed corporate designations in the contemporary world. Provided with the tremendous marking potential that is being offered by the media and the channels of the proliferation of distribution, most companies have realized the huge potential that marketing has in guiding the corporate strategies thus substantially making a noteworthy contribution to the financial statements. As a business expands into being more complex and global, and as the power shifts from the producers to customers, the responsibility of the chief marketing officer that involves coordinating and planning the marketing activities of an organization becomes more challenging. Pursuing a career as a chief marketing officer requires both general business and marketing skills.
The chief marketing officer job involves coordination of the production of the public relation, promotions, advertising and media. It ensures that the message of the organization is distributed across all channels. Therefore, it always target audiences to make sure that it meets the sales objectives. In today’s world, it means looking for new ways that can be used in delivering messages, such as video, mobile devices and social media.
The chief marketing officer job needs a lot of creative and analytical work. The CMO must, therefore, be knowledgeable in a variety of disciplines that include information technology, production, finance and law. The chief marketing officers are normally responsible for market research, strategic planning and development, sales management and branding across the global market. They actually report directly to the executive chief officer.
The desirable background for a chief marketing officer is a positive but a prospective marketing executive, who must be in a position to adapt to an environment that does not speak ‘marketing’ as their primary language. Therefore, the chief marketing officer should have the ability that conveys marketing strategies to quite a good number of audiences within the company. The chief marketing officer normally plans, coordinates and directs the marketing budgets towards the organization goals. They review and approve the advertising campaigns, vendor expenditures, contracts and market reports. Therefore, the candidates who have a strong marketing experience as well as admirable leadership qualities are normally at an advantage of performing this job in the best way.
The most significant responsibility of any chief marketing officer job is to generate revenue by the increase of sales through effective marketing for the entire company. To do it in a successful manner, they hire, recruit and supervise staff that includes application developers, creative directors, media professionals and graphic designers. The chief marketing officer normally works in a private office. Depending on the size of the organization, they are required to travel to satellite offices. In this occupation that is driven by the deadline, the chief marketing officers needs to put in some extra hours.
The chief marketing officer job has a positive effect in that he constantly updates the CEO and the boardroom about the latest preference of the customer. That is, how excellent the corporate resources have been aligned to meet the customer’s expectations. The marketing takes a principle role in guiding the corporate strategy by making sure that the CEO and the top management team are regularly updated about markets and customers.

Challenges for chief marketing officer

Nevertheless, there are some challenges that the chief marketing officers face. These are the problems that are increasingly faced by most people who are involved in marketing. It has been argued that one of the principle challenges of marketing that has greatly undermined the marketing credibility made threats to stand marketing within an organization and even threatened the discipline as a distinct entity is the failure of marketing to justify investments to make them marketing activities and qualify the outcomes.
The chief marketing officer is responsible for informing the society about the commodities as well as services that a certain company is offering. By doing so, he helps a lot of families to decide on which commodity to purchase their next shopping spree. They help the company to be famous amongst people through advertising the product either on air, by television or on printed materials. The marketing manager is also responsible of ensuring that the society’s needs and demands are met during the production of a certain commodity. This is mostly ensured through the frequent interviews he carries out on various people out there in the society.
I think that the chief marketing officer should be highly valued by the company since he is the sole answer to their success; were it not for him, their manufactured commodities could lack customers. He takes up the most difficult role of assuring people to try out their commodity. This is a very difficult job since it is not easy to convince people to have your line of thought as their preference. The marketing officer should also be focused on the needs expressed by their customers so as to ensure that the company does not become unpopular amongst its customers. He should ensure that all complaints received from the community are well looked into, and if there were any changes that could be made so as to meet the customers’ demands the least time is taken to carry out the changes accordingly.
He should also be considerate, and he should ensure that all what he is promising the society at large is accurate information, and that customers will not complain about receiving a service that is of low quality compared to what they had been promised during the marketing campaigns. Those who ever think and dream of becoming a chief marketing officer one day should, therefore, try to learn tactics on how to convince and approach people. Such characters might be very helpful in their career development. I also think that these people are very helpful to the entire society at large since they keep the society informed on the new arrivals that are in the market thus challenging them to try the new product over the old commodities that they had been using.
In conclusion, we can contend that the chief marketing officer is very useful to the society at large. This is well-circulated and presented in his work responsibilities that include writing down plans, synchronizing down the company budget for marketing. They are also responsible for the directors of all the marketing campaigns being carried out under the name of the company since they are expected to review any planned advert before having it released to the public. He is also responsible for researching the customers’ demands from the company and how the society feels about the company’s services and commodities. From his responsibilities, we can see that this is actually the man who carries the heaviest workload in a company. Without his services, the company would continue manufacturing goods but will lack a good market to sell them. This is because the market is not popular among people, and it will end up at a loss as its marketing strategy is not well-set. Chief marketing officers are the same people who will make one purchase an item not because one needs it, but rather due to the fact that one has heard so many positive comments about it during its marketing advertisements. Thus they highly contribute to the promotion of the company by ensuring that the advertisement sent out to the society is very captivating to the extent that customers will buy their commodity due to the fact that the pictures and the effectiveness shown in the advert was so captivating. The company should actually count its success on chief marketing officers.

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