Children are the future of the nation. Nevertheless, bad parenting influence which does not consider any suggestions, but one’s own, saying that “I know what is best for my child” does not help these flowers bloom. Parenting is life long, and the most time and money consuming, physically and emotionally challenging, and the most difficult task in overall that one could have ever imagined. Even planning carefully does not present parents from unexpected surprises, deviating expectations and lack of time. Being a parent is the most difficult job, yet the most rewarding as well. Living a life, a parent has to always remember about the importance of his role and find the strength to fight through for a better future of the child. For what it is worth, surviving through pregnancy, pushing hard on the first years of life, managing through balancing work and home, and finally living to see the success from your investment into another happy life is the best present the life could have ever given. Socio-economic problems, lack of perfect parenting styles, poor time management or time binds all fade when the parent understands one’s importance for bringing up a child.

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In order to understand the structure and the methods to achieve the milestones, one has first to identify the meaning of parenthood, as well as its goals. The obligations and the expectations in the family are set by the mixture of the environmental factors, such as the history of the family, economic and social status, secular affiliations, etc. Good parenting balances the discipline and freedom of will framing them by the equal distribution of sharing and giving, and expectations and obligations. Each parent sees his role differently and uses different parenting styles. At times like in Dreby’s “Divided by Borders” the parents find themselves unable to control their offspring’s, as they are busy earning money for the future of their children. In the poorer families, states Lareau in “Unequal Childhoods” with parents being away children are more exposed to themselves and the natural growth experience. They set the institutions as the example to follow for their children. Many middle and upper class families view their obligation to teach the child how to be a good and educated person. For this they engage children into various activities applying concerted cultivation in order to foster their children, focusing on what they are good at, help development of good manners, habits, expose to faster growing up.

Differences between how men and women perceive parenting

Women have always been the housekeepers, while the men had to support their family. Today gender roles have shifted drastically, dragging the parenting styles with them. Most families have both parents working, supporting their families, and sharing the chores. As inquired in “Mothers on the Fast Track: How a New Generation Can Balance Family and Careers”, both men and women today express strong desire to achieve high tops career-wise. Nevertheless, motherhood is still associated with more domestic responsibilities, even if the woman decides to work. In such a way, men are more devoted to work, while women pursue lower payed jobs and baby leaves. Even though such tendency still exists, we can see how gender roles have changed in the few past decades, seeing men more as a caregiver, spending more time with their families, singing in utero, going to the preparatory birth giving classes, assisting at childbearing, and in some countries even taking baby leaves, or being the man of the household. Even though the styles men and women resort to in the same situations are different, such as mothers tend to be overprotective saying “Careful” or “Out a sweater”, “Don’t climb this high” while fathers tend to push the limits “How high can you get?”, they both do their best in parenting. Just like women fought of the right for education and equality with men, men will more and more become engaged in the process of caregiving in their own way.

A). Doing their best in applying various techniques of parenting and setting high expectations of the childrearing process might fall into a deadlock for a simple reason of the lack of time. Hochschild in “The Time Bind” describes the difficulties that occur in balancing work and family. The reasons for that are hidden in the non-written work-related expectations. The individuals who tend to work longer hours do not necessarily do this to earn larger salaries. In many companies parents are proposed to follow special programs, where they can be allowed to work less hours or have a flexible schedule in order to be more with the family. However, even though these programs exist, one is expected not to use it and continue engage in longer hours. Therefore, parents have to make a better use of time management and imply in strategies to manage their time bind.

B). Nevertheless, there are some strategies which smooth this discrepancy and reduce the stress caused by this issue. Rearing a child is not an activity for one or two people. The whole family can get involved in babysitting, which also brings all the family closer and more connected. One has also found some time for self. Understanding this is the key component to the happy family, therefore shifting with the spouse or a member of larger family would be a good strategy for parents to always stay motivated and energetic for the needs of the family. At last, it is important to spend more quality time with their families, such as engaging in some meaningful activity for the whole family, rather than quantity time.

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