Awareness of increasing autism is discussed in this paper. Year after year, more and more children are born with autism disorders. It seems the interest expressed by the society and volunteers is growing , too. No doubt, it is compulsory to have social consciousness and do our best to create new organizations and social programs which would enable persons with autism  feel valuable members of our community.

The statistics of autism is quite alarming. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) statistics, there is 1 child in 88 on the autism spectrum, in the USA. Similarly, a tenfold increase of autism disorders is fixed at the age of 40. Researchers have also established that autism is more common among boys than girls, approximately four to five times. In the United States, 1 of 54 boys and 1 of 252 girls are diagnosed with autism. If to compare this number with a number of children diagnosed with cancer, diabetes or AIDS, one will find that their combined amount does not overcome the number of children diagnosed with autism annually.

The autism spectrum disorders (ASD) affect over 2 million people in the USA and tens millions all over the world. This problem requires solution. This diagnosis is believed to be avoidable and the one that  often destroys a person’s life. Anyway, there is no explanation why  the number of autism diagnosed people increases annually. The government autism control statistics have proved increasing prevalence rates from 10 to 17 percent for last few years. This work is prompted to admonish people of autism danger and inform them about essential facts. Admittedly, due to its informative goals, the paper has the potential to improve the lives of those who struggle with autism.

What Is Autism?

Autism is a name for disorders of brain development. Specifically, this disease relates intellectual disabilities, disturbances with vital issues such as motor coordination, attention, physical health, sleep, and gastrointestinal problems. Autism is the general name of a group of syndromes that led a person to definite health disorders. This group of syndromes includes autistic disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome, and pervasive developmental disorder (What is autism, 2012). Autism is a sickness which can be classified into few degrees according to the type and level of illness progressing. Commonly, the degrees of autism relate verbal and nonverbal communication, social interaction and repetitive behavior of an ill person. Interestingly, there are people with autism, which excel with some visual or hearing skills and have particular perception of music, the arts and such disciplines as math.

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Autism development is known to be  early brain development. Moreover, it might be diagnosed between two or three years of age.  1 child of 90 in the States is on the autism spectrum, which  means that a person has an inclination towards autism. The consequences of such inclination are rather ambiguous. Undoubtedly, people with autism are unique. Scientists have proved that people on the autism spectrum have exclusive artistic, visual, musical, or academic skills, when others get deserved pride in their discerning abilities and “atypical” ways of understanding the world.

What Causes Autism?

Some time ago, scientists did not have an idea about real reasons why autism appears. However, nowadays everything has changed. Various medical investigations have delivered the answer. Last five years have brought the discoveries of  rare gene mutations related to autism. Meager number of these mutations might cause autism by themselves. Only a combination of gene mutations and environment might influence early brain development. It is proved that generic predisposition to autism along with  a number of ‘environmental’ or non-genetic motives can put the future development of a child at risk. In addition, ante-natal and post-natal  factors involve the risk of disease, as well.

It is possible to decrease the authenticity of autism by getting  preventive measures. Pregnant women genetically inclined to autism must consume folic containing vitamins before and after conception.

What Is Child Development?

Child development occurs in a number of phases which include biological and physical changes. A human being comes through them in the period from the birth to the end of adolescence; from dependency to increasing autonomy (What is child development, 2012).

Commonly, child development includes three main periods. They are: physical, intellectual (communication and learning), and social (emotional and behavioral) development. Historically,  child development was seriously ignored during a long period in history.  Children were typically accepted as small versions of adults, so little attention was devoted to their speech, mental abilities, and physical growth that occurs during childhood and adolescence.

Today it is recognized that  to understand the child developing process is vitally important. Such understanding allows us to appreciate fully  physical, social, cognitive and educational growth which children go throughout their life, from childhood to early adolescents (Cherry, 2012).

Development of Children with ASD

Child development is a long-term process that includes different phases and changes in a  person’s life. If a child is well, there will be no problems with development and growing-up. Children with the autism disorder have much more serious problems with the development. These refer their social and personal disabilities.

The main danger the autism brings is a brain offend. It is possible to diagnose autism before the age of tree years. Nevertheless, this mental disorder often affects children from birth or early months of life. Therefore, children with autism spectrum disorders come across with many difficulties. Admittedly, children’s developmental dysfunctions are often connected with interactions and social relationships; communication and language; interests and activities. The distinctive pattern of autism becomes evident when dysfunctions occur in all these spheres at a deeper level than in ordinary children (Humphries, 2010).

There are common features that children with autism and children with development delay have. These features seem to be the same, but they have some peculiarities. For example, infants with autism spend less time looking at people. They avoid vocal interaction with other people, do not react on their name, and have a difficulty orienting towards people. Such infants often behave in anticipatory towards adult’s actions (Stone & Turner). Adolescents suffering from autism spectrum disorder have similar behavior.

Positives References and Negatives References on the Subject Matter

Autism is of doubtful origin and might be diagnosed either from birth or in adolescent age. According to researchers there might be some positive and negative aspects of the early diagnostic. Early identification of autism spectrum disorder in the child allows interventions to be implemented. Children with autism have special needs, which might be started before deflection and delay a normal pattern of development (Baron-Cohen & Bolton).

The negative aspect of autism investigation depends on the fact that it might be completely impossible to diagnose autism during pregnancy. Scientists have  concentrated their power to discover possible ways of identifying  autism during the gestation period. As a matter of fact, it remains impossible today (Davies). If autism spectrum disorders determination becomes seen during gravidity, this will help many people avoid terrible consequences of such disease. The other negative aspect of the subject matter is the impossibility to determine causes which prompt ASD.

It is necessary to increase a number of social organizations which provide help for families with ASD affected members. Children with the autism disease might get communication skills if they are treated and taught in a proper way. Unfortunately, parental care for children and teenagers with ASD must be advantaged.

Limitations for Pros and Contras

Autism spectrum disorders require great attention of the government and society. It is essential  to start common programs and establish some schools that will provide professional help for those who need it. Moreover, financial support to either existing supporting programs or new medical investigations plays a great part. At the same time, there are some inexplicable conditions that create barriers in the investigation sphere (Stone & Turner).

Critical Think about the Subject Matter

There are a lot of health problems that may appear in a person’s life. However, it seems, the majority are treatable. Yet, there are  diseases whose causes cannot be explained in a professional way. Autism is one of them. Medical professionals do their best to explain reasons why autism affects people. However, what they have succeeded to determine is the area of the lesion –  human brain. Affected brain has led to a number of vital dysfunctions that make the person’s life defective. It is important to remember that autism might appear in adolescent age, as well. It is impossible to forecast the time and goal of this perfidious disease. What  humanity has learned about this illness is how to adapt to it and  manage to get by.

Logical Deductions and Personal Beliefs

This essay has observed social, emotional, and mental disabilities caused by autism. Moreover, it has discussed a few investigations which discover reasons and consequences of ASD. In my opinion,  autism makes people indifferent to the surrounding environment. These people seem to be isolated in the worlds of their own.

Nonetheless, I honestly trust in modern medical development. Expectedly, ithe near  future, scientists will find some solutions or  treatments for autism spectrum disorders. This might save a lot of people from suffering and having inferior life.


To sum up, autism is a developmental disorder that is characterized by a sum of abnormal behaviors. Investigations prove that early intervention might advance some brain functions of the ill child.  Autism is an insidious sickness. It is present in the human body from birth, but it might be diagnosed months or even years later. There is no doubt that early intervention is beneficial for an ill child and his her family. Early diagnostics enable people face the problem and learn how to manage  it. As a matter of fact, a vast number of people in the USA are on the spectrum of autism. It means that they are under great risk to be cut by this disease, but they are not diagnosed yet.

Children’s autism has some similarities with development delay. The main difference is that autism consequences are incorrigible, while late development means some delay between physical changes that happen to a child. There are cases when children with autism may display some characteristics of exclusive hearing, sounding, gazing, play and social development.

It is obvious that autism makes children dependent on the members of their family. Therefore, the society should do everything possible to take care about children and adolescents with ASD. Sometimes, families with autism defected members cannot fight with trouble alone. Thus, it is compulsory to create professional support units which would help build healthy relations with disabled members of our society.

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