An individual’s worldview, which generally pertains to philosophical views and ideas about the conception of man and the world, influences one’s personal values, beliefs, and traits. Hence, having a Christian worldview means believing in Christian philosophies, applying teachings from the Bible, and acknowledging God as the Creator of the universe and Giver of life. One’s worldview may seem like a personal quality, but since it influences our values, beliefs, and philosophies, it also effects how we see and approach other aspects of our lives, including how we deal with our profession.

The implications of worldview in our careers and relationships manifest in our professional goals and priorities, in the standards we set for ourselves, and how we value and treat other people. Therefore, having a Christian worldview means that an individual prioritizes service, integrity, and honesty in one’s career. When it comes to personal and professional relationships, a Christian treats other people as he or she would want to be treated by others and observes kindness, understanding, and sympathy towards other people.

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Christian Worldview and Implications on Career or Profession

I am steadfast in my worldview as a Christian and it manifests in my values and behavior. The course involved conducting personality assessments with the goal of understanding ourselves, how our skills, competencies, and strengths as human beings align with our chosen career path and professional goals. According to the one of the personality tests I took, I am an idealist who hopes for the best and sees other people’s potential. When it comes to my behavior in the workplace, the assessment proved that I aim to achieve organizational and professional goals while making sure that I observe ethical practices.

Personal and Professional Calling Based on the Bible

One of the prevalent themes in the Bible, which reflect one of God’s traits, is His ability to forgive human beings who repent of their sins and He wishes for everyone to do the same. Since I believe in other people’s potential and remain hopeful for positive changes or outcomes, I am imbibing God’s teaching of forgiveness and giving other people chances so they can rectify their mistakes. In the workplace, I aim to encourage and motivate other people rather than put them down. When a colleague or a subordinate makes a mistake, I do not implement punishments but rather a solution-based approach to address erroneous outcomes and deficiencies and a proactive strategy to improve employee performance. I remain aware of the value and contributions of every individual in the workplace and aspire to give them or point them out the right direction to opportunities where they would be able to fulfill themselves.

Based on the personality test I took, I am an idealist counselor who has an innate desire of helping other people through productive interactions, playing a role in their personal development, and helping them to achieve their full potential. I believe that helping other people is a part of my calling and purpose in life. Through His son, Jesus Christ, God has shown people the value of helping to the weak and the needy and encouraging them to have faith and believe in Him. As a Christian, my calling not only refers to the craft or profession aligned with the knowledge, skills, and talent God has given me, but also includes following the teachings of God and the examples set by Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is important for me to take responsibility as a human being by offering my knowledge, skills, and talents to help other people not only with their needs, but also in their quest to become better people.

In the workplace, I apply my beliefs by helping other people to realize their full potential. I may not be in the right position to conduct training or mentoring so they can improve or enhance their skills and competencies, but I help and encourage them by recognizing their talents and capabilities verbally and pointing out their strengths when they doubt them. When they have problems, whether it is career-related or personal in nature, especially those that affects their work performance, I am willing to listen and help them in any way I can.

Christian Worldview: God is Truth

The Typefocus personality assessment revealed that my personality is INTP. As an individual with an INTP personality, I have goal to apply ethical practices and good moral judgment in all aspects of life. An individual with an INTP personality also values honesty and truth. As a Christian, my perception about truth will always be influenced by my acknowledgment that God is truth. God, the Creator of all human beings, represents that all those aspects are true and real in this world and through His son, Jesus Christ, also knows truth and spoke about it during his life on the Earth. Hence, when uncertainties challenge me, I look to God for guidance. I always find peace in prayers to God, because they calm me during stressful situations, especially in the workplace, and remind me about God’s role in my life.

When I remember that God is present in my life all the time, I realize that His words will guide me and His commandments and teachings should influence my everyday plans and decisions. Therefore, when I feel lost or unsure of what to do next, I look to God for guidance because He is the truth. In the workplace, I also do the same when I need to make tough decisions. Sometimes, it would be easy to let others make decisions instead of me and simply carry them out no matter the outcome. However, as a Christian, I believe in importance of always displaying good moral judgment. Other people in the workplace may put pressure on me to do the opposite or put their interests first, and these situations may be tempting, but I always strive to remain honest and truthful. Moreover, interpersonal conflict due to different beliefs and views in the workplace is inevitable. I acknowledge the fact that not all people would share my values and beliefs. However, because I follow God’s commandments and desires as absolute truth, I always show respect for other people’s beliefs and values, even if they are extremely different from mine.

Personal and Professional Calling Based on God’s Commandments

Adopting Christian philosophies as one’s worldview also includes following God’s commandments. However, the Ten Commandments, for instance, do not entirely relate to situations and experiences in the workplace, they can be adopted to guide workplace values, traits, and behavior. After taking the personality and career assessments, I learned that I could apply myself for doing administrative work. It is also one of my dreams to manage my own business someday and when I would do, I plan to apply Christian values and principles in the workplace. Practices may be as simple as strictly implementing days off on Sundays to honor the Sabbath and to discourage malicious practices that would put down the competition. Moreover, I plan to nurture an organizational culture that value human relationships instead of an individual’s relationship to his or her career. I would implement practices and strategies that encourage work life balance and organizational events where family members can attend to build a strong community within and outside the workplace.

As a business owner and administrator, I would also rank Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability as one of my organization’s top priorities. I strongly believe that CSR and sustainability should be two of the cornerstones of organizations and business management practices because these policies are important in establishing a good and reputable name for any company. Adhering to the principles of CSR and sustainable practices are the organization’s means of giving back to the community and ensuring that organizational processes and practices do not harm anyone or anything inside and outside the organization. When God created the world, He put man in charge of His creations. Moreover, I strongly believe that organizations should play their part in honoring God’s command.


Overall, an individual’s worldview strongly influences one’s values and behavior, and consequently, how one would deal with and approach various areas or aspects of live. Christian worldview as a part of business practices illustrates the link between behavior, values, and perspectives on business practices, approaches, and strategies. In addition, an individual’s work ethic is also linked to his or her values and beliefs, which is influenced by his or her worldview. To sum up, I value and respect other people and aim to help them to achieve their full potential, I integrate work practices and ethics, and I aim for honesty and truthfulness inside and outside the workplace. As a Christian, my worldview, and thus, values and beliefs are highly influenced by Christian philosophy, especially those gleaned from the Word of God. Finally, I believe that my personal and professional calling is not merely to do what I am bound for, based on the skills and talents God gave me, but also includes God’s commandments, teachings, and purpose for man. Hence, I aim to apply this knowledge in my personal and professional life.

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