The concept of climate change is not new as it has been discussed over the years but the issue has gotten serious with time. It was not until recently that scientists were able to prove the claims that started to be made decades ago. Climate change has led to the drastic changes in the environment that has mainly affected the people (Stern). The fact that human beings have been concluded to be the main cause of climate change due to the activities carried out has not helped instill change among countries. However, there have been few initiatives taken in trying to control the situation. Therefore, this paper aims to look at the phenomenon of climate change and factors revolving around it.

Scientific Opinion

Scientists have come up with certain opinions that have tried to explain the phenomenon to the people. The facts that they have come up with have been quite satisfying. The main point of explanation comes from the fact that the IR radiations emitted are absorbed by the carbon- dioxide in the air. Other detailed information is derived from the detailed record gotten from the gas bubbles trapped in ice cores. The results collected can provide information collected about four hundred thousand years ago based on the atmospheric chemistry and temperature. Geological evidence is also used to confirm some of the facts collected from the experiments and records. Thus, there has been rise of carbon- dioxide and further emissions from green- houses that are mainly contributed by human activities.

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The scientific study of climate change has varies across different nations in order to acquire definitive explanations that can relate to at an international level. However, most reports show that the process of rise in temperature has been evident over the past 1000 years (Gillet).  This seemed to raise alarm but the warnings issued by scientists over the past years had no substantial evidence and were disputed. The causative factors of the rise in heat and temperature in the environment have been traced back to human activities. This is because the change in heat cannot be placed on the natural variability like the solar variation. The main connections are the emissions of the greenhouses that have added greatly to the change in climate. The research is still on going and further predictions have made of more serious cases of climate change like rise in sea level, occurrence of severe storms and other related results.

Human Contribution to Climate Change

Human activities have been branded the major cause of climate changes globally.  The activities are said to lead to changes that affect the earth’s atmosphere such as greenhouses, cloudiness and aerosols. However, the main contributor to the change in the climate is the burning of fossil fuels due to the release of large amounts of carbon- dioxide in the atmosphere (Ryan). The use of greenhouses has been a major development in many industrialized countries and this has affected the change in the earth’s atmosphere at a fast rate. This has led to the lack of balance in the earth’s atmosphere. Thus, the activities being conducted in the industrialized countries have more effect on the climate than the natural causes do.

Since human activities are viewed as the main contributors to the phenomenon, the industrialized countries are being urged to take major steps in controlling the aspect. There ahs been the launch of the green initiative where it encourages a healthy environment that will reduce the effect that human activities have on the atmosphere. The main areas of target have been the reduction of fuel consumption in different countries. This is being approached by the increase of taxes in the fuel so as to reduce the consumption rate due to high prices.

Some of the countries have even introduced the concept of using electrically charged cars since they do not have any fuel emissions. Home systems are being installed with energy systems that are renewable rather than those that can get easily exhausted. The growing of trees has been a major contributor in trying to deal with the problem.  This is an initiative that is being encouraged at a global level and some countries are taking it seriously. However, the main focus has been on using renewable sources of energy and controlling the effect of the greenhouses.

Individuals are taking it upon themselves create awareness of the issue of global warming by educating others and using different methods.  This has become a concern for individuals since most governments are not taking the initiative seriously.  Most individuals are spreading the word on the concept through campaigns. There have also been certain groups formed to start the initiative of growing tree, which has proven to be rather effect in different ways. 

Global Warming Controversy

As much as lot of research has been conducted concerning global warming, there have been certain disputes concerning the results collected. The main issues have been based on the effects, nature and causes that the aspect has. Looking at the dispute of the causes of the rise in temperature over the years, since ever since the mid of the 20th century, the controversial issues have increased significantly (Houghton). Whether the activities carried out by human beings have been the major cause of the changes or it is the natural changes of the environment.  This has led to the challenging of the evidence that ahs been collected over the years.  The effects are also disputed as well since the causative agents have been questioned.

The media has been playing a big role in supporting some of the controversial facts that are emerging on a daily basis.  Most of the issues are brought about by the public or other institutions since most of the scientific departments are still supporting the facts have been collected over the years. This is attributed to the fact that human beings are said to be the main cause of the global warming and most organizations aim to dispute these facts.

Views of the Skeptics

The information that has been provided by scientists is being debated on by certain individuals who claim that the facts revolving around global warming have been in existence for quite a long time and the changes have been minimal (Neela).  However, the numbers of scientists seem to out number the skeptics and it has been hard for the skeptics to make their point. Thus, the skeptics have been using the help of the media to relay their message to the people. Their evidence is not strong and it has been hard to convince the public of their version of global change, which mainly revolves around the concept of natural causes.


In general, climate change is an issue that has been steadily growing with time and several warnings have been issues to about the effect of the phenomenon. Scientific evidence that has been collected over the years and is still being looked is used to explain the causes and the effects of the aspect. The effects are mainly tied to human activities and there have been measures taken to try and deal with the problem.  However, controlling the issue has been difficult due to the lack of cooperative parties. The presence of skeptics has also not made easier in controlling the problem. Therefore, the effects of global warming continue being felt on a daily basis.

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