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Saudi Arabia and the United States are countries of different cultural backgrounds. The U.S is liberal and freer than Saudi Arabia. The difference is as much as it is in education. The education stem in these two countries doesn’t have as much similarities as differences. Both the Saudi and American governments have put emphasize on education. The United States government has however put more emphasize than its Saudi government. As a result there is a higher literacy level in the United than Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia as much as the United States supports and embarks educating persons with disabilities. In the U.S however there are more students with disabilities than Saudi. This is because id because the U.S has a higher population of over three hundred million compared to Saudi’s twenty eight million.

Religion in Saudi is more entrenched in the education system more than the U.S. Therefore there are not as my lesion in the U.S school curricula as Saudi Arabia. The dressing code in the U.S not less religious based than Saudi Schools. In Saudi girl students are compelled to wear hijab in school a scenario that is not experienced in the U.S. This is mainly because there is more freedom of expression and liberty in the U.S than in Saudi. In Saudi education in primary and secondary levels segregated between genders. The girls and the boys study in different schools. However, due to the lack of proper government goodwill there are not as many girl schools as boys schools in Saudi Arabia. In the U.S the education system doesn’t segregate the two genders. The doctrine of universal suffrage is upheld. However, there are private schools for same genders but they are not as many as ones in Saudi Arabia. According to a survey, the student- teacher relationship in the U.S is more profound than in Saudi. In Saudi teacher a given a higher status symbol than the U.S this result to fear among the student and therefore less teacher-student relationship.

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