Success is the ultimate goal for every government, business or company. This makes the process of recruiting employees be objective driven. Nothing makes the management happier than to know that it has a competitive human resource. This paper seeks to compare and contrast two of my former colleagues based on profession requirement, personality traits and experience. The information would then help John and Sons Company to employ one of my colleagues for the job of a sales marketer.

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The sales marketer will be required to hold promotional campaigns to increase sales as well as establishing new markets for old and new products. This will mean that the sales marketer will have to travel widely. He will have to visit schools, hospitals, other companies and government offices. The sales marketer will also need to organize meetings with these organizations and convince them to buy these products. Therefore the sales marketer will be required to have good interpersonal skills. Besides he will need excellent communication skills and also build good rapport with the customers. He should be able to make the products look very appealing to the consumers.

To fill the sales and marketing position lets analyze my former colleagues X and Y’s character. X was a very outgoing man as opposed to Y who was an introvert. X liked hanging out with people and it was very easy to note him in a crowd as most of the times he would be the speaker. Y on the contrary was a very good listener and it was very hard to notice him in a crowd. Given a chance to speak, Y would always ask X how sure the venture X would be proposing would work. X on the other hand would always be optimistic that things would workout well.  The persistent and persuasive nature of X would always make people buy his ideas. It is interesting to note that the same would recur in our company board meetings.

Nevertheless despite these variations in character, it is important to note that the two individuals had a very good record in their performance in my former company (my former company was named Wembley Co). X for example working as a research analyst for Wembley co. was able to give stunning results between the years 2000 to 2009. Y on the other hand during the same period working as the Human resource manager produced startling results. Both X and Y loved their work in Wembley co. But X seemed to love it more when appreciated.

Despite these excellent capabilities of X and Y it is amazing to note that they had different liking for different jobs. I was keen to observe that X loved interesting tasks involving people and where he was the leader. X was particularly instrumental in organizing the companies dinner and picnics. Y on the contrary liked demanding and boring tasks and loved working a lone. Since being a sales marketer involves creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, convincing customers and good intrapersonal skills I would prefer X for Y.

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