How to Write a Perfect Consideration Essay

The main secret of successful writing is presentation of a clear argument in your essay. You need to prove it in your paper. However, when you are given a task to write a consideration essay, this rule will not help you. A strong and clear argument in consideration essays is not enough. You need to present an interesting story that will attract readers’ attention. This story should make the readers continue reading your consideration essay till the last page. It is important to make sure that your consideration essay is not boring for readers. That is why you need to incorporate an interesting plot and intrigue readers with its development.

When your argument is strong and clear, it will not be difficult to make a good story out of it. You need to structure the ideas and thoughts in a proper manner. A lot of students may think that presenting a story in an academic paper is not the right choice because of their entertaining nature.

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However, story telling is an inevitable part of our life. Everything that happens around or with us becomes a story the next day. In addition, life is a story itself. You cannot ignore it and if you think that presenting a story in your consideration essay is not the right way to write it, you will not a get a good grade for it. If you attempt to prove that getting a high grade is not your only objective, you will prove to your audience that you can write as a professional.

We have prepared consideration essay examples for you to get inspired and start writing your own papers. Our writers create perfect consideration essay samples so that you could understand that perfect writing skills are important for every student.

Driving Miss Daisy (Movie Review Example)

The Movie Driving Miss Daisy by Albert Uhry

The movie titled Driving Miss Daisy is a story that is centered on the friendship between an elderly Jewish woman Daisy Werthan and her African-American chauffer, Hoke Colburn. The movie was written by Albert Uhry and was based on the relationshi...
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Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates

According to Fisher and Scriven (1997), critical thinking is a “skilled, active interpretation and evaluation of observations, communications, information, and argumentation” (p.20).

Cottrell (2005) underlined that the learning...

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Physical Activity and Obesity Consideration Essay

Statement of Problem

Obesity in adults has become one of the most significant health problems nowadays. There is a clear indication that obesity has replaced most of the top health problems worldwide (World Health Organization, 2...

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Military Nursing Pros and Cons Consideration Essay Sample

Whenever men and women in the military are sent out to war, there is no surety or certainty to their eventual state of livelihood or death; there is a surety that they will be taken good care of physically, psychologically and emotionally, and military nurses, also kn...

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Anse Bundren from ‘As I Lay Dying’ Essay Sample

William Faulkner's story ‘As I Lay Dying’ revolves around the events surrounding the Bundren family matriarch Addie’s death and the interactions of its family members. The personality of its characters gradually came to light from their own inner thoughts and mo...

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Authentic Leadership Consideration Essay Sample

Last century was full of inventions and social changes. The way of people’s thinking, doing, living differs a lot from that existing at the beginning of the 20th century. The technique and electronic innovations led to new abilities, opportunities and productivity. ...

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Understanding Dreams

In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumbering upon the bed, then he openeth the ears of men and sealeth their instructions (Job 33:14-16, 29). In this scripture Elihu states that God gives us sealed instructions in the form of dreams (Milligan, p.21).

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Substitution and Income Effect

When the price of a good or service changes, it always has two effects on the consumer, the first is the effect on the consumer’s income and the second is the effect on other products. Whichever way it is being looked at these two effects are standard for as long as there is a change in price. Pr...
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Tips for Potty Training, Some Tried and True

How to Train a Child to Use a Pot

Readiness to use a pot depends on the age and on individual qualities of a child. Having heard plenty of different people, you will, probably, consider that to train the child to use a pot is a v...

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Negative Effects of Violence in Video Games

The popularity of video games rises day after day, especially among the children and young adults. Many of these games are suitable for children. It may include different learning lessons, or educating aspects, or any positive cartoon characters. However, there are ma...

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Social Theory

Communicative action is a two way process in which the actor is viewed as both the initiator and a product of the dealings he or she is involved in. As an initiator, the actor masters the situation through actions for which he or she is accountable. On the other hand, as a product of his or her d...

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Men and Sons’ Roles in Carolingian Society

Dhuoda was a Frankish noblewoman who had two sons from whom she was separated. The first son William was being held by Charles the Bald as surety for his father’s, the count of Septimania, loyalty, as he was under suspicion for disloyalty at the time that she was wr...

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Foreign Aid

Foreign aid is considered to be a stable practice in the modern world. Everybody seems to have got accustomed to the idea that some countries are richer and more powerful, and others can barely survive.  It becomes a chance for the former to once again display their ...

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Body Image Obsession

Confucius said “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it” referring to beauty as a conceptual measure of a person’s soul (Duthel 11). In her poem Narrow Way, Anne Bronte Read More

Copyright and Sampling


There are various issues that have contributed to enhanced people’s sampling ability. One of them is the introduction of technological innovations such as the internet. In the past, sampling was a difficult process and consumed a lot of time. However, the internet ha...

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Suspending Civil Liberties

Civil liberties are the fundamental rights and freedoms that give a person a specific right. Examples of these rights and freedom include; freedom from torture, right to security and liberty, right to a fair trial, right to privacy, freedom of expression, freedom of association and assembling, ri...

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Importance of Health Insurance

Any issue that touches on health has importance for people in the society even when it does not affect them directly. People have to take care of their health because, without health, no one can do something constructive. Ill health reduces the capacity with which people work and can impair an in...

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International Trade and Kuwait

Every country in the world knows that in order for it to sustain itself o=in the business world, it has got to engage in business with other states. International trade is a platform that allows countries from all over the world to exchange their goods and services with one another in an effort t...

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Why Do We Need Standards

Standards are necessary in any work setting. In the event, standards are absent then professionalism would be subject to abuse. Standards are rules, which seek to regulate the conduct of professionals in their respective fields.  Standards in any profession highlight the conduct of people in res...

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Illegal Immigrants: Victims or Criminals (Argumentative Essay Sample)

Over the past decades, the U.S has increased its efforts to secure its borders against illegal immigration. But according to a fox news report, about three-quarters of Americans think that the border is no more secure than it was some years ago. Critics of the federal governments argue that the b...

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Drivers and Cellular Phones

I am a very keen observer of the different ways in which Americans drivers uses our publics and private roads, and from the study I have come to a conclusion that a greater  percentage of the accidents that are being reported are as a result of human error. In view of the fact accidents may be u...

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Considering Cultural Impacts on Nursing Care

Culture is an important aspect in all groups of people and their societies, which in essence impacts on the way nursing and health care services, should be provided. Different cultures have different perspectives on health care and nursing, which influences the nursing practices in given communit...

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My Clinical Practice Report Sample

Week 1

Today is the first day of my clinical practice. I arrived earlier, and my preceptor showed me around the clinic, so as to get me familiar with the environment and get me used to it. I was extremely excited, yet, at the same time, very anxious. I have goals and objectives for each of...
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Judging Juveniles

A Juvenile may be referred to a young one who can’t be tried as an adult in the court of law. The age at which one is referred to an adult however differs with states but the maximum age mostly ranges form 15 to 18 years (Aaron, 2006). When a Juvenile is taken to the court with an offense, the ...

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Internship with Direct TV Essay Sample

College completion requirements are that a student undertakes an internship. The internship provides an opportunity for applying theory and learned knowledge to the practical. The student undergoes weeks of implementing what they learnt in the relevant field. The choice of the internship depends ...

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Personal Statement

I have always believed that with a clear vision and sound state of mind everything is possible if only resilience is applied. Having been born in Thailand 19 years ago, I had the privilege of studying in Singapore when I was in eighth grade which gave me the experience of learning in diverse envi...

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HIV Management in America

Although it is a common perception that HIV management in America has achieved significant success due to various interventions by the health sector, there are some segments of the American population whose HIV infection statistics are approaching the ones in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Looking at the ...

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My Future Doctor Career (Personal Statement)

Becoming a successful doctor and touching on the lives of many people seems to be my main objective in life. The drive towards this course in life is derived from a number of factors that are worth mentioning at this point. First my past experience as a child spells clearly on the reasons why I w...

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Aspect of Subculture

Dear police officer,

I hereby write to you, to inform you about an aspect of subculture in the police force. The culture of police is usually explained as isolationist, authoritarians, and elitist. Police subculture entails a series of attitudes, values, and norms that are shared broadly ...

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Healthcare Plan

The state of Georgia is one of the numerous states in the United States of America bordering the Atlantic Ocean invaded by the Spain around the year 1540. It was under colony for along time until when the Declaration for independence of the USA was signed leading to free governing of all the stat...

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