The John Fitzgerald Kennedy conspiracy theory is not only the greatest, but also the most controversial theories in America’s history. J. F. Kennedy was the fourth American president to die in cold blood. His death elicited different reactions and as a result, several conspiracy theories that tried to explain the cause of his death, were invented. On the afternoon of 22 November 1963, a man named Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President Kennedy from one of the bookshops in Texas, Dallas. President Johnson ordered the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination. In its report of September 1964, the Warren Commission reported that a man named Oswald acting alone killed President Kennedy. Ironically, the commission also reported that a nightclub owner called Jack Ruby also acting on self-drive killed Oswald when he was going to prison. The public agreed with the Commission’s findings.

However, as time went by, new theorists formulated explanations that termed the assassination of President Kennedy as conspiracy by capitalizing on supposed errors from the Warren Commission investigations (Gilbride). The conspiracy theorists felt that the government had held back some information regarding the assassination. Consequently, they formulated different theories that linked several organizations and parties to the assassination. This paper shall discuss on several time-tested conspiracy theories that explained the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Some of these theories include the reader digest (KGB) theory, Cuban, the mafia, the U.S government, the zero game and the anti-greens theory.

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The Cuban theory

The Cuban theory is the first explanation justifying the assassination as a conspiracy.  The theory has two standpoints but both hold the Cubans accountable for planning the assassination. The first perspective of this theory explains that the former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro was accountable for plotting the assassination. It suggests that Castro used Oswald to eliminate President John F. Kennedy. It is asserted that Castro was striking back after Kennedy’s administration, through Robert Kennedy, by then the attorney general, had several plots to assassinate Castro (Bugliosi). This made Kennedy a sworn enemy of the Cuban administration under Castro. Castro felt threatened and he wanted to eliminate Kennedy before he (Kennedy) could eliminate him. Therefore, the only way to quell this threat was to have Kennedy killed. Castro used Cuban intelligence agents to contract Oswald into killing President Kennedy.

The second part of this theory suggests that the Cuban exiles planned the assassination. The Cuban exiles in America wanted the vengeance against President Kennedy because he had allowed Fidel Castro’s air force to kill and detain thousands of them in the Bay of Pigs raid. They felt that President Kennedy let them down when he held back American forces and allowed Castro to harm them. Therefore, they deceived Oswald intto kill the President during his Dallas visit. The theory does not explain how they escaped police or they acted under CIA cover because the CIA had most of its agents across their territory and they must have been aware of what was planned; or there is a possibility that CIA was involved because President Kennedy’s administration failed them (Gilbride). Thus, it organized President Kennedy’s death as a punishment and hid the details from the public.

Readers’ digest theory or the KGB also suggests that the assassination was a conspiracy. The theory suggests that Oswald lived in Russia for two years and married the KGB’s colonel niece. It further suggests that President Kennedy was a Russian tool and he failed to deliver to his bosses as they anticipated. It explains that President Kennedy pulled his troops and signed peaceful treaties with Russia during the Cuban and Turkish border crisis because he was under their influence. However, he was very slow in introducing communism in America. Bugliosi argues that the Cold War was at peak and the Russian agency KGB was not satisfied with President Kennedy’s performance.  With time, the annoyed Russians and the KGB used Oswald to eliminate President Kennedy. The theory further alleges that when President Johnson learnt of the assassination and KGB involvement, he ordered the Warren Commission against releasing such information to the public. This was because he did not want the public to demand for war against Russia and spark off a third world war, or the public to think that his government was tolerating communism (Bugliosi). This explains why the Warren Commission altered some of the facts around the assassination of President Kennedy and reported falsified information to the public. Nonetheless, this theory fails to justify why Russian premier Kruschev opted to kill President Kennedy whom he liked. It does not explain why Kruschev left power in the hands of stern Johnson and other republicans who were conservatives and anticommunists.

The mafia conspiracy theory

Bugliosi asserts that the mafia conspiracy theory is a different but convincing explanation of the assassination of President John Kennedy. This theory claims that the American mafia families had a hand in the assassination of JFK.  This theory argues that several rich and well-organized gangs had profitable ventures in the Havana Casino before the Castro revolution. These investments were very beneficial to these Mafia families and they would do anything to protect such assets. Consequently, mafia families had invested millions of dollars in Cuba, knowing that they will overthrow Castro and allow them to take control of Havana Casinos. The CIA also hired some of the mafia hit men to assassinate Castro.  However, Kennedy’s policy of non-interference with Cuban affairs, which left the Cuban exiles susceptible to Castro’s attack, disappointed the mafia. This also left the CIA vulnerable, a situation that led to the loss of the mafias’ investments (Anders). Moreover, the president and his brother had formulated some policies that took a belligerent standpoint on issues of organized crimes. To make matters worse, the theory claims that Kennedy shared mistress with one of the mafia heads, which made him jealous and annoyed. As a result, the mafia tricked Oswald into killing the president and employed Ruby to kill him to hide the evidence of their involvement. The only pitfall of this theory is that it does not explain why this group did not kill witnesses and left some of its known member like Ruby Jack alive because mafia is brutal and violent in such issues.

The zero game conspiracy theory

Cook, M. posits that the zero game conspiracy theory is famous and has a convincing explanation about the death of President Kennedy. The theory claims that the ending digit of the year that Americans elect their president to office plays a very important role in determining whether the presidential assassination will take place or not. The theory says that the only exception in history of American presidents who were elected in year ending with zero and escaped assassination were President Ronald Reagan and John Hinckley while the rest were assassinated while in office. The theory claims that the spiritualists arrange these deaths of the presidents for their spiritual and numerological motives. These spiritualists also do this to play with people of the independent republic of America. Thus, the theory assumes that Oswald was a freemason, Vatican or a Zionist who planned elimination of President Kennedy for sake of fame and played with the feelings of the American people (Bugliosi). This theory supports the Warren Commission conclusions that Oswald and Ruby were alone when they assassinated President Kennedy. However, the theory fails to explain the erroneous report presented by the Warren Commission about the assassination and its interference with most of the evidences and witnesses.<

The U. S. government theory

The last conspiracy theory on this paper is the U. S. government theory. This theory maintains that the CIA was behind the assassination and responsible for presenting falsified report on the Warren Commission. This theory argues that the CIA had three reasons to kill President Kennedy (Anders). The CIA killed President Kennedy for revenge. The CIA was paying Kennedy back because he made them lose Cuba to Castro. The CIA worked so hard to acquire Cuba (Cook). It hired mercenaries to kill Castro but the president refused to approve their activity in the last minute, which embarrassed them after the defeat. The second reason was a preventive measure. They killed the President to prevent him from repeating the same mistake with Vietnam. Lastly, CIA killed Kennedy in reaction to presidential dismissal of CIA principal officers. The president fired them because they mislead Him about Cuban affairs (Bugliosi).

To prevent his ejection from the CIA, Allen Dulles the CIA director staged the assassination, joined the Warren Commission and fabricated fallacy on the report about the presidential assassination. This theory proves that the death of President Kennedy was a conspiracy and CIA had an upper hand in this assassination. It is apparent the discussed conspiracy theories are very convincing when they pin point facts and capitalize on the errors of the Warren Commission. There are thousands of theories explaining the murder of President J.F. Kennedy. The theories may make one to feel that American government has failed its people through lying to them and killing the children of its own.  Nevertheless, the theories are sound and convincing but they have some errors, which make them invalid or fallacious.

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