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There are various issues that have contributed to enhanced people’s sampling ability. One of them is the introduction of technological innovations such as the internet. In the past, sampling was a difficult process and consumed a lot of time. However, the internet has transformed the way this process is carried out. This is as a result of the fact that the internet provide vital information that is needed regarding different things that one desires to choose from. For instance, when one wants to read a book and does not know which one would be interesting, the internet is the best to begin with. In line with this, synopsis of books, magazines, journals as well as summaries and trailers of movies are all available on the internet. Thus one cannot struggle to make a choice with such a vast amount of information regarding different items.

On the other hand, the internet has slowly begun to curb human tendencies to hoard. Initially, people used to hoard information to reuse it in future whenever the need arose. However, current trends show that the internet has made nearly every type of information on items and other things readily available thus eliminating the need to hoard. Therefore, as time goes by, people’s tendency to hoard will be eliminated completely in the society due to reliance on the internet.

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