At all times  people have faced problems related to their work, business and life.  Two of those problems would be considered in this paper. They are corruption and job stress. Speaking about corruption one can say that it is a negative issue mostly for everyone in the modern world. It is illegal behavior, dishonest and harmful actions towards people, organizations, and society in general. Most frequently corruption occurs where there are people of authority, or government agencies, or wherever the injustice takes place. If a person looks for an individual gain by taking unfair or unseen benefit of someone else’s status, position, or condition, it is interpreted as corruption. This happens when the truth of the activity, service or product has been changed in such a way that other person eventually ends up being cheated and exposed (Harris, 2003). Members of the society usually blame corrupt behavior because their established rules are declined, as both parties involved in bribery overstep legal boundaries, and commonly accepted behavior is ignored. Corruption can affect anyone and cannot always be controlled.

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There are a lot of aspects that affect police staff and some of these aspects can be tremendously harmful and can ruin their careers, or cause some physical or psychological problems. These are corruption, weariness, violence, or job stress. Referring to the police personnel one should say that corruption is a widespread problem in those circles. Police are consistently connected with undercover work which implies taking on fake identities and including crime. There is also police deviance, the term that means more than just corruption. It includes many activities which are in conflict with common values, or norms, or ethics (from a social position and police position as well). There is a theory defined by criminologists that claims it is useful to study when humans not only break society’s standards, but the standards of their own social group also. Corruption is negative because it impairs honesty, the condition of police agencies being whole and diligent (O’Connor, 2005).

Discussing stress issue it should be noticed that there are many types of it. Stress can be caused by starting a new job or moving to a new house or country, but the most widespread one is the job stress. It is common knowledge that job stresses are the main cause of major work-related accidents. Job stress that police officers face is considerably worse than that experienced by people involved in other occupations. Police personnel job stress can be caused by a lot of factors such as their bosses, shift working and as a result, spending less time with family and fellows. Stress also  occurs when the officers are underpaid, or do not have much time to sleep, or have conflicts with relatives, family, or friends. Poor training and inept equipment also contribute to the job stress of police officers.

Preventing or avoiding those two problems, corruption and job stress can be accomplished by such methods as:

  • Developing understandable policy for officers and citizens about behavior and actions that are acceptable.
  • Strengthening police authority. Police personnel should show people their attitude to the corruption and dishonesty.
  • Focusing on administrative control. Opportunities for illegal and harmful actions should be reduced.
  • Giving attention to corruption control at the stage of choosing and training police personnel.
  • Increasing wages of the police officers.
  • Developing effective working hours schedule.
  • Creating opportunities for personnel to have proper and high-quality holidays with their families.

If any problem occurs, it can be resolved, even when it seems very big and terrible. Corruption and job stress will not disappear forever. But if effective methods of fighting these problems are introduced, the situation will definitely change for better.

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