Action research is practiced in social situations. It is done collaboratively by colleagues and it refers to a process through which the practitioners determine the policies to progress their educational system or social situations. The main goal of the action research is to come up with the techniques that improve the wellbeing of the students and instructions. One of the assumptions of action research is that, teachers and principals work best, when they asses their work and determine ways to work more effectively.

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Action research is classified depending on the number of the participants involved. There are four types of the action research: single, collaborative, school wide research and district action research. From these types of action research, the following topics can be addressed excellently by a teacher seeking solutions to the problems that affect the classroom. These problems may include strategies, learning of the student, management and the use of the recourses. A teacher may seek help from the superiors; the principal and the course instructors. Julie Nora from Rogers Williams middle school in Rhodes Island carried out an action research. The topic was to asses the performance of students and come up with new ways of doing things and measure up the results (Coghlan, 2002).

Another topic that can be approached through action research is that, the school team may want to know why there is minimal involvement of parents in the school activates. The team would also be looking for ways to perk up parental concern. For example, the Brown University carried out an action research, whose topic was to conceive techniques that would ameliorate the effective learning instructions for the third and fourth grade English learners who were nonreaders or limited learners (Macintyre, 2002).

Action research can also be employed in other subjects, such as social amenities and medicine. The profession can change, but the procedure and principal in action research enquiry remain the same irrespective of the character and the outline.

The categories of approach discussed can be used to design an instruction or curriculum. This is because each of these categories will give insightful information under the investigations. Each of these categories uses qualitative or quantitative research.

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