The aim of this research is to establish the viability of creating an internet website that is to be used to encourage people to attend dog adoption events and get them to adopt dogs. The research will involve a review of available information regarding similar activities, interviews and opinion surveys after which the results will be analyzed to determine if the project can be undertaken successfully.

SavePets works in conjunction with local animal shelters to hold dog adoption events in a bid to reduce the number of dogs that are put to sleep annually. However, as a nonprofit organization, past events have not led to a significant increase in number of adoptions. A competitor is Petco Animal Supplies. Petco has been holding national adoption events in their stores monthly and to encourage dog adoptions; pet parents are gifted with a bag of pet food-provided by Petco adoption partners, as well as discounts for pet supplies at the Petco stores.

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Research Sources

  • Pet Adoption Websites include,,,,,,,,,,,, and

These sites are relevant because they are already doing what SavePets would like to do. They are crucial sources in gaining information on what online dog adoption strategies are in current use. Moreover, the sites have testimonials and pet owners frequently asked questions which would help SavePets anticipate challenges of online dog adoptions and create solutions. Analyzing these sources shows that they are some of the most popular sites providing timely and relevant information on dog adoption.

  • Pet Adoption Books and Periodicals (Sternberg, Sue. Successful Dog Adoption by Sue Sternberg, Shelter Dogs, Amazing Stories of adopted Strays by Peg Kehret, and Living with the Rescues: Life Lessons and Inspirations by Langford, Sharon. Periodicals: Bark, DogFancy, Dogworld, Dog’slife, ModernDog).

For SavePets website to be successful, it is important to include aspects that will help pet parents learn how to cope with adopted dogs. The pet parents may adopt a dog without knowing what to expect, how to take proper care of it or how to train it. These books and magazines are good sources of information on what to after taking the rescued dog home, including food, training, and showing affection. Including the tips suggested in these books on the website will enable pet parents and the dogs to make a smooth transition from being strangers to members of one family.

  • Informal Opinion Surveys and Interviews with Experts on Dog Adoption

To get input from potential audience, SavePet should visit dog shelters and talk to the potential pet parents looking to adopt pets from shelters and rescue centers. In addition to these informal talks, the formal interview with the expert should gather information on the challenges people face while trying to adopt dogs, and their ideas of how the process can be made easier, what an online adoption events sites should include, how the events can be made more attractive and any This information would form the basis of the key points that the site must include. 

  • Successful Event Websites. Studying the aspects of successful events sites will enable SavePet to design a site that is appealing, interactive and user friendly.
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