The main argument advanced in my first draft is that cell phones are dangerous. This was based on the arguments that mobile phone use while driving increases the chances of the occurrence of accident. Secondly, it poses health risks to the users. The third argument was that texting while driving is more dangerous than drink driving.

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My own opinion was that driving while texting is responsible for a greater percentage of road accidents. In my justification, I used certain states’ jurisdictions especially that of New York. By making the use of cell phones while driving illegal, the cell phones use rate in New York declined significantly from 2.3% before the law was passed to 1.1% there after. This translated to a 7% reduction in the rate of road accidents occurrence and thus the conclusion that mobile phone use while driving is responsible for the increase in road accidents. The statistics linking the decrease in the use of mobile phones to that of the reduced rate of the occurrence of road accident saves this argument from being a formal fallacy and gives it validity.

The second argument was that the cell phones use poses health related complications. Two main arguments were given in an attempt to qualify this position. However, just like my sources of information, the argument associating mobile phones use to any form of cancer is still a formal fallacy with various contradicting positions that need more research. However, the paper has clearly demonstrated the existence of other health issues relating to mobile phone use to justify this premise. A good example of such proves is the possibility of patients contacting bacterial related diseases through the phones of their doctors. Such reasons as advanced in the paper helped to give validity to the premise linking mobile phone use to health issues.

The third argument I used to support the main premise was that the use of phones while driving is worse than drunk driving, an argument put forward by RAC Foundation. To support this premise, I gave the relevant data from the foundations study results especially the result done in 2008. The research showed that texting while driving lowers a driver’s reaction mechanism by 45.9% while driving at the legal alcoholic limit of .08 only lowers it by only 12.4%. Further, the result provided data to prove that driving while texting has adverse effect on the driver’s ability to maintain lane positioning (35%) compared with those under the influence of alcohol (14%). With these facts, the premise and the conclusion that driving while drinking is more dangerous than drunk driving is therefore free of any fallacy. The supportive research findings give it validity.

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