The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate how to properly change a car flat tire. With proper knowledge and tools, one can change a car flat tire without calling for help, especially where no gas station or mechanic is near. One can also save a lot of time instead of waiting for help from far. How much money and time can you spend having somebody change a flat tire for you? May be $30, 40$ or 50$? Today I want to demonstrate how you can properly change a flat tire and save yourself precious time and money.

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How to Change a Flat Tire

All it takes is four easy steps: first ensure you carry all the necessary tools in your car always. Second, pull over and park the car on an even ground. Third, change the flat tire. Fourth, return all the tools back into the car. Okay, let’s get ready to change our flat tire.    Be equipped with the necessary tools: X-type lug nut wrench, two foot sturdy metal pipe fitting in the handle of the wrench, a hydraulic cylinder/floor jack, a flat head screw driver, early warning sign (red reflective triangle), wheel cock, and penetrating lube and infiltrated spare tire.

Now that we have the necessary tools, we can change our flat tire. Changing step include: pull over and park in level ground, engage the hand brake, pop up your hood and place the early warning device few meters behind your car. Use a wheel cock to prevent the car from rolling forward. Remove the hubcap using the flat screw driver (David, 2006). Loosen the lug nut using the wrench and the metal pipe- use the star pattern, loosening one nut, then next, the opposite nut. Jack up your car, remove the lug nut and place them well not to lose them. This should be followed by removing the flat tire and placing it aside. Put in the spare tire, with the air valve facing out. Replace the lug nut in a star pattern, lower the jack slowly. Tighten the Lug nut with the wrench. Do not fully tighten one nut before you tighten the others. Tighten the Lug nuts progressively in star pattern, at least three rounds until they are fully tightened. Put the hub cap on and check whether everything is well aligned and tight. Put all the tools back in the car. You are now ready to roll again.

Changing a flat tire is simple, fun and saves money and time. A person should therefore have the necessary tools and learn how to use them appropriately.

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