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I will develop measures and questions for my research after considering the several factors. One of the factors that I will consider is the type of data that I want to collect from my research. In addition, I will also consider the hypothesis that my research will adopt while developing specific measures and questions to be used in my research. One of the measurements that my research will use is the mean. According to Easterby-Smith, Thorpe & Jackson (2012), the mean is the average value formed by adding all the values and dividing the values by the number of data points. I will calculate the mean of all the responses that I will receive on a particular question regarding the problem of knowledge hoarding. Using the mean obtained, I will be able to construct a histogram in order to observe how the problem of knowledge hoarding has affected our investment team in the previous years. In addition, the calculated mean will be used to calculate the standard deviation of the data collected from the research. I will also use medians as a measure of central tendency in order to ascertain how the data collected from the research will be distributed. One of the questions that I will include in my research is whether our organization encourages freedom in communication. I will also ask the participants whether they are ready to support new policies that will encourage knowledge sharing in our organization. I will also conduct sampling in my research. The members of my investment team are 12 and they will form part of the population under study. I will use purposive non-probability sampling since it approaches the sample under study using the specified plan. 

If I were to conduct a survey on graduates who live in many different locations, cohorts and backgrounds, I would consider using both telephone and website surveys. Telephone surveys will help me save the travelling costs that I would have incurred if I decided to visit all the participants of this study. In addition, telephone surveys will help me to finish my research on time since the survey lasts for only a short while. I will also consider using web-based surveys since they are also cheaper to conduct. The researcher does not have to be physically on the location of the study in order to collect data. According to Greene, Speizer and Wiitala (2008), web based surveys can display more complex visual information compared to other forms of surveys that may be administered to the participants of research. Since budget for this study will be limited, sampling will be used. The main sampling method that will be utilized in this research is stratified random sampling. In this method, population under study is divided into smaller groups called strata. The strata contain members of a particular population that have the same characteristics. The reason that I will use this form of sampling is because the graduates under study will be from different locations. It will be critical to group them into different strata based on their similarities.

I will consider several aspects while conducting this research. One of the important aspects that I will consider is the response rate of the study. Telephone surveys are weak since the respondents may not be available to take the call during the actual day of the interview. In addition, problem in network connections hinder the web-based surveys (Lewis, Watson & White, 2009). This shows that it is necessary for me to adopt measures that will increase the response rate of all the participants. One of the measures that should be adopted is informing all the participants on the purpose of the research. This will help them to know the data that they will contribute to the research. I will also assure that all participants that all the information that they give will be kept confidential. Another aspect that I will consider in this research is ensuring equal participation of both male and female respondents.

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