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Slide #1. Nowadays, when the world is turning to its origins, and people become eager about healthy lifestyle, eco-design had gained its popularity. Modern eco-design is an ecological style in the interior made of natural materials; this style gives one a feeling of freshness and unity with nature (Gardetti & Muthu, 2016). Nowadays, it is one of the most popular contemporary styles (Gardetti & Muthu, 2016). Eco design is an attempt to recreate the environment in places of human habitation (Gardetti & Muthu, 2016). The meaning of eco-design is in its name; the given interior is made in this vein, optimally blends in with the environment (Gardetti & Muthu, 2016). The eco-friendly indoor person can feel all the advantages of natural materials and take a break from the stuffy city (Gardetti & Muthu, 2016). The natural beginnings, natural materials, colors, and the correct form express Eco-design in the naturel (Gardetti & Muthu, 2016).
Slide #2. The meaning lies in the name of the eco-design – it is the interior made in this vein, optimally blends in with the environment (Gardetti & Muthu, 2016). Basic materials are wood, stone, clay, glass, textiles made of natural materials; basic colors: beige, brown, green, sand, white (in contrast to the black or dark wood), soft pastel colors (Gardetti & Muthu, 2016). It may be a repetition, imitation of the flowers in the desert (sand, clay, light gray, charcoal), of the pond (pale-green, celadon, pale blue, white, sandy), or of the forest lodge (natural wood, grassy green, brown, dark oak), etc. (Gardetti & Muthu, 2016). The most common natural colors are pale green, pale blue, the color of grass, water, stone, wood, soil; as it is important to create the illusion of closeness to nature (Gardetti & Muthu, 2016).

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Slide #3. The talks about the eco-style had started in the late 20th century, when people started feeling problems of ecology and decided to create the pure world in an apartment or house, or to wear ecological friendly clothes (Gardetti & Muthu, 2016). This design is interesting because it is dictated by nature itself. Man, as part of the world and nature are in no hurry to abandon it in order to maintain it, to reproduce it on a suburban area or apartment (Gardetti & Muthu, 2016). Of course, the reference to the nature occurred earlier in other styles. It is expressed in paintings, textures, architectural elements, and sculptures. This is most clearly reflected in the themes of natural modernity. However, if Nouveau is based on the elements of classical styles, the eco-style to modern, not disdaining the presence of machinery and electronics, which is certainly not natural (Gardetti & Muthu, 2016).
Slide #4. The new project of the French studio Binome-Jardin is the benches and chairs in the form of craters (Binome-Jardin, 2016). Sawn oak logs, which are visible annual rings, designers are deeply planted in solid white plastic (Binome-Jardin, 2016). These pieces of furniture fit harmoniously into the landscape of the summer garden or attic and emphasize the connection with nature (Binome-Jardin, 2016). These pieces of furniture are significant representatives of the ecological design, as they are approaching the origins of nature. Therefore, these chairs are extremely popular among customers.
Slide #5. Binome-Jardin is the union of two designers, developing eco-interior gardens and courtyards (Binome-Jardin, 2016). The artists create massive figures of animals and pieces of furniture, skillfully combining natural (wood) and synthetic materials (polyester, rubber, organic plastic) (Binome-Jardin, 2016). Most often, their works are not quite serious, but, at the same time, they are natural and colorful, which suit the desires of the modern designers of the eco-style. Moreover, their works are unique and simple, and they suit to practically all types of interior.
Slide #6. The Plantable is in every sense of the green table by its creators’ plan should establish direct delivery to the plant table, which we used to see in their saucers and on supermarket shelves (Jailmake, 2016). The designers of the London-based JAILmake Studio consider that other vegetables and herbs in the interior are cool, eco-friendly and original, and as a proof of this maxim, they set up a table with oak top and legs laced-pots, which are placed pots with soil (Jailmake, 2016). Bent rods twisted legs, no doubt, will appreciate these excellent climbers as grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peas (Jailmake, 2016). Plants can easily climb up to them and become not only a favorite green home, but also a great addition to the daily diet, especially winter. The main thing is to find a sufficiently bright spot in a city apartment (Jailmake, 2016).
Slide #7. If you are fond of camping, there is an alternative to sleepless nights in tents – huts. Portable small wooden houses made Robust Outdoor brands with all eco-design principles can accommodate easily a couple of tourists who revere and comfort (Weintraub, 2012). These lovely apartments are ready to endure not only the snowy expanses but also the urban jungle, using solar energy as well as led-technology (Weintraub, 2012). Pilot mini-hotels project can already be seen in Switzerland, in Flims town (Weintraub, 2012). More information is provided in the video.
Slide #8. The American Naturalizer brand has represented a unique line of Naya which are eco-friendly shoes with romantic design and original finish (Naturalizer, 2012). Naya’s philosophy is simple: shoes should be beautiful – for vivid images, convenient – for healthy, bouncy legs and delicate – in relation to the environment (Naturalizer, 2012). Therefore, each model collection is created from soft vegetable tanned leather, breathable insole lined with cork fabric and cushioning sole contains natural materials (Naturalizer, 2012).
Slide #9. In the production of not harmed freshwater sources, as in the case of chemical tanning (Naturalizer, 2012). Fabrics – natural or recycled, connecting components for parts of footwear – a water-based supinator – using natural cork (Naturalizer, 2012). All components of shoes are suitable for recycling (Naturalizer, 2012). Even the box on 80% recycled paper and colored ink based on soy (Naturalizer, 2012). Each of the models of the Naya mini – collection is presented in four shades of soft and romantic (Naturalizer, 2012). For example, Naya Rustica is presented in silver, blue, solid and dark red, and sandals on Naya Tova neat sloping heel of bamboo are made in the coffee, yellowish, lavender and blue-blue colors (Naturalizer, 2012).
Slide #10. In today’s market, there increasingly began to appear makers thinking and caring about the environment, using recycled materials, recyclable materials, and special technology, having a minimal negative impact on the environment. A striking example is the new Korean brand Gongjang which is a true master in the safe environment for the production of eco-products (Gongjang, 2016). The use goes all: recycled paper, craft paper, soy ink, but not a living tree or something that will not be able to accept and process the earth without harm to themselves and us (Gongjang, 2016). At the same time, all products have memorable design, excellent quality, and have its own interesting and original character (Gongjang, 2016).
Slide #11. Gongjang has eco-friendly greeting cards and pencils, notebooks and stylish notebook with semantic patterns, minimalist packaging gifts (Gongjang, 2016). Korean designers give the opportunity to enjoy the usual things without breaking the integrity of the environment (Gongjang, 2016). Apply for a gift to eco-style, and then acceptance or wish to thank designed a loved one, and be sure to reach the planet (Gongjang, 2016). The world is required to understand you and be grateful in return. Therefore, the use of such stationery would help to improve the ecology of the world and would bring much joy for every consumer.
Slide #12. Not every brand would be able to compete with Patagonia in adaptability (Patagonia, 2015). A number of patents, relating to the company that produces clothes for sports and recreation, are measured by double-digits. Moreover, most of the patents have the eco-friendly slope (Patagonia, 2015). By refusing in 1996 from the use of conventional (normal) cotton, Patagonia was engaged in the development of new high-tech fabrics, mainly on the basis of polyester from recycled plastic bottles (Patagonia, 2015).
Slide #13. Almost from the very beginning of the history of Patagonia, the company stood guard protecting the environment (Patagonia, 2015). Negotiations on the respective bills, themed concerts, marketing campaigns were intended to give people clean clothes for outdoor recreation (Patagonia, 2015). Hundreds of scientists, engineers, designers and other professionals helped and continue to help in creation of the most environmentally friendly Patagonia clothing in the world. In the 90-is, within the environmental program, Patagonia conducted an audit in order to identify the harmful industries (Patagonia, 2015). Oddly enough, but the cultivation of cotton has got into the top ten (Patagonia, 2015). The fact that almost all companies in the treated cotton growth harmful chemical emissions (Patagonia, 2015). Having discovered this, Patagonia has become one of the first brands in the world, which started to use so-called organic cotton, which is absolutely clean grown and processed raw materials (Patagonia, 2015).
Slide #14. Another know-how of the company is a special water-repellent technology, Deluge, which is treated with garments, thus at least twice as prolonging its life (Patagonia, 2015). Moreover, this is only a small part of the work done by the brand climber Yvon Chouinard, about whom Chris Malloy even took 180º South film (Patagonia, 2015). Needless to say, that jacket, parks, and recently appeared in the arsenal of the brand cashmere produced in the framework of sustainability and fair trade. Moreover, the pursuit of the ideal environmentally friendly clothing has led to the fact that Patagonia clothing is quite expensive (Patagonia, 2015). However, this does not prevent the brand being a leader in the apparel market for leisure, work clothes, and shoes for surfers. Patagonia is called the green designer brand, because it combines ecological purity materials, high prices, and very bright clothing, unique model, which is not ashamed to climb the mountain, barbecue, then go to a reception at the White House.
Slide #15. The world famous Brazilian company, Grendene, managed back in 1979 to make wearing shoes of PVC (Melissa, 2016). After the 1982 New York, Barneys bought 2,400 pairs of shoes, jelly shoes phrase no longer seems something of clothes for the beach area (Melissa, 2016). A feature of Melissa shoes is the fact that it is made from a new generation of PVC – Melflex – is the monoplastic, obtained as a result of recycling and re-processed with ease (Melissa, 2016).
Slide #16. Thanks to the Melflex, the Melissa brand, in fact, agreed to the basic problem of plastic shoes, making it comfortable, breathable, hypoallergenic and non-toxic (Melissa, 2016). Toxic cannot be considered the manufacturing process: 99% of waste, including water, colorants, and very plastic, and are recycled (Melissa, 2016). Melissa attracted to the work famous designers such as Vivienne Westwood (for Anglomania), Alexander Herchkovicha, and Jean-Paul Gaultier (Melissa, 2016).
Slide #17. Today, the Brazilian company’s products are represented in 70 countries in the world (Melissa, 2016). In creating different collections attended by other brands, among which one can mention the Campana Brothers, Patrick Cox among others (Melissa, 2016). Today, the brand products selected global stars such as Anne Heteuey, Pamela Anderson, Katy Perry and many others (Melissa, 2016). At the moment, the Brazilian brand is a member of the corporation Grendene, in which also are included such well-known brands as Rider, Grendha, Ipamena, Ilhabela, Nuar, and Grendene Kids (Melissa, 2016).
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Slide #18. The main rule in creating an eco-style reads only harmless and natural materials can be used (Weintraub, 2012). In this case, the interior will not lose individuality (Weintraub, 2012). A person’s personality, preferences, habits, age, and even the status can be reflected in the interior, but it belongs to the eco-design will be unquestionable (Weintraub, 2012). For the arrangement of eco-style approach as an apartment, house, villa, or chill out in the office (vacation spot) and even negotiations (Weintraub, 2012). The main principle of eco-style is the naturalness of everything: no chipboard, plastic and chrome-plated metal in the furniture and décor (Weintraub, 2012).
Slide #19. The main mistake is to present eco-style in a country with a lot of decorative elements, thread, lace, paintings, ethnic ornaments, etc. (Weintraub, 2012). Eco-style reflects the modern interior, its minimalism, simplicity and functionality, not clutter it and do not turn it into a house in the village (Weintraub, 2012). It is the embodiment of nature and healing rest (Weintraub, 2012). Eco-style in the interior fit perfectly individuals who feel their responsibility for the environment in which they live: eco-design – it is not just stylish and beautiful interior, but also the expression of a specific position of protest against the unlimited consumer instinct and environmental pollution (Weintraub, 2012).
Slide #20. Indeed, the reference to the nature and occurred earlier in other styles. It is expressed in painting, painting, textures, architectural elements and sculptures (Weintraub, 2012). This is most clearly reflected in the themes of natural modernity. However, if modern, based on the elements of classical styles, the eco-design in the modern, not disdaining the presence of machinery and electronics, which is certainly not natural. Due to its positive energy, promote relaxation, paying attention to health and right living, eco-design quickly found his admirers and continues to be popular. Today, very often you can find a mixture of other styles from the eco-design in other words eco interior styling and design.

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