Development, sales and marketing

According to the research paper, the company goals are discussed and the steps taken to achieve them. The ways the company use in achieving the goals and services offered by the company.

Development and production

The goals set in my company in terms of improving and generating more income and achieving high standards in the region are in place and working according to the plans. My company has achieved and it is steps ahead and the company future plans are protected by set rules and Acts by the company. The company’s production sector is looming and creation of more job s through the sector is one of the development and achievement of the companies’ goals. The companies’ production and development is enhanced by better social skills and better services to the customers from our highly qualified staff we have. The companies goals in attracting and maintaining more customers has been a day to day business as one of the set goals for future enhancing and achieving of companies goals. The production and development are the set goals to be achieved by the company and we are working on achieving them within set time.

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Processes followed in production and market services

The process the company is taking in production of products and marketing them depends on the market availability and demand and supply curve. When the company produces more goods, the market is set and readily available. Marketing of the products is done through media advertisements and giving of product free sample to the consumers. The companies goals also is to employ skillful and qualified workers who in turn will offer better services and the production of goods and services will be high when the demand or consumption is higher.


The cost for expansion of the company

The company used most of the resources aiming to fulfill consumer’s quest and offer them better services aiming to maintain and encourage them to use companies’ products and ensure they attract a big number of customers in the company. The maintenance and production cost of the company was a bit higher than normal annual investment. However, when the goals are achieved, maximum income will be experienced and higher profits gained by the company. 

Labor requirements

According to the companies set goals, the work force is supposed to double. Experts are needed in certain fields to ensure the other workers equally share the job and also in new introduced sectors of production and services, more laborers are required to make work easier and faster. After the company expanded, production and consumption levels will increase and more services from qualified personnel thus more laborers will be hired.

Expenses and capital requirements

The capital required in expanding the business and achieving our goals will come from our profit generated earlier and companies savings. The company will part with all its savings and getting a loan from trusted corporations which will be repaid in installments. On production, the company will only repair its machines and buy other few to meet the demand from consumers and give better services also through maintenance of their machines.

Sales and marketing

Our market is already high and need not to be marketed. The products and services offered by our company is our best marketing strategy used. Also, through printed media and free samples of our goods for tasting with free services to our customers while advertising.  Moreover, our company will offer door to door campaign and alert consumers on what it offers , additionally, it will set more joints for easy access of the services and products by the customers. Finally, our new service and products will be advertised once a week on printed media and through road shows.

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