The issue of interracial marriage is becoming an object of attention in some societies. In America for example, such marriage is considered the least frequent of all marriages; nevertheless, American society seems to have evolved into accepting these marriages (Judice 11). As the word itself defines, interracial marriage is matrimony between two persons of different race and culture. This kind of union is common mostly between a black man and a white woman. Although there are also interracial marriages that are being established Filipino women and American men, and even between American men and Korean women, the first focus of this essay will be the union between Black men and White women. One particular story/film that covers this issue is the film Jungle Fever. Before the credits for the movie appeared, a dedication to Yusuf Hawkins was shown. Yusuf – residing in Bensonhurst, New York – is said to be killed by someone in the neighbourhood, having found out that Yusuf is having an affair with a white woman in their place. The setting of story is somehow similar with the life of Yusuf Hawkins. The plot of the story includes a Black man, named Flipper Purify, having an affair with an Italian American, named Angela Tucci. Flipper is the husband of Drew – most probably a Black woman, and is currently working in an architectural company in New York City.

At that time, the company hired Angela as the secretary. Although Flipper made a request for a Black woman as a secretary instead of Angele – who is an Italian American, his admonition was not granted. Flipper’s relationship with Angela started when they stayed late at night in his office talking about cooking. It happened at the same night that they ended up having a sexual intercourse. However, both of them did not have their relationship as good enough due to some responses and treatments of their community upon their affair. For instance, when Angela told her friends that she is going to meet with Flipper, her friend were shocked and were confused when they were told that Flipper is an African American. Perhaps, that could be not so pleasing for Angela. Another instance is when Flipper brought up his unfaithfulness to Cyrus. Cyrus told him that his problem is not simply his infidelity, but that Angela is white and an Italian. Many people disagreed with the couple’s relationship, and some have even tried to destroy it. Somehow, we may say that such treatment is too harsh for any couple having an interracial marriage. Nevertheless, we also need to know what really causes such disagreement upon this kind of marriage. We should first look for other people’s viewpoints on this interracial marriage, before we make any justification as to whether such disagreement is right or not.

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There are some governments and communities that do not allow interracial marriage. For instance, originating from the Racial Integrity Act of 1924, making such marriage illegal was constituted in Virginia (Staples 331). Until today, there are still adverse treatments upon interracially married couples. The reason why some people still do not affirm their agreement with interracial marriage is probably, the motives and thinking of those who adapt with such marriage. In an article specifically addressed to Black people, Dr. Larry E. Davis – a psychologist – suggested that Black men are marrying White women due to view of Black women. He added that as Black men seek status and beauty in their relationships, they believe they can have it more with White women than with Black women (“Why Interracial Marriages are Increasing”, 12).

Thus, Black people believe that Black men who marry white women are not satisfied with their own race. Such thing could be view as demeaning their own race and culture. Therefore, Black people will most often disagree with such relationship – and sometimes try to destroy it, in order to let the Black husbands realize that they should be satisfied with their own people. Another factor that makes interracial marriages not pleasing to some is the motive for higher socioeconomic living. This case is common between Korean women and American men, and between Filipino women and American men. However, such marriage in the Philippines is often considered as a bad union.

Sometimes, the parents and other relatives of the Filipino woman will no longer treat her well as much as before, simply because of the interracial marriage. Those who do not support interracial marriage between Filipinas and Americans believe that the relationship was merely for the sake for financial gain. In this case, marriage has already become a mere tool for one’s needs and wants in life. Therefore, we can clearly see the reason why some do not support interracial marriage. That is why many colonies since the past, has enacted laws that are against interracial sex and marriage (Botham 52). In marriage, people want to see the real nature of the couple’s relationship. Unless the relationship manifests the true character of their love, their marriage will not be supported or agreed upon by their community. Although some remain neutral with their treatment on interracial marriage, interracially married couples are still facing some unequal treatment in some societies.

Again, marriage is a good thing. Many people regard it as a gift of God for man; others even view it as very important means for the preservation of humanity. Before getting into marriage, there must be a keen consideration of what effect that marriage would bring to the couple. Particularly, with regards to interracial marriage, a couple should consider whether the community they belong to agrees with it or not.

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